California, where Google’s Mountain View campus is located, will join a group of Republican states suing the Department of Justice.


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Updated on the 11th. December 2020 at 21.04 (Eastern time).

WASHINGTON – California filed court documents Friday to join the antitrust lawsuit of the Department of Justice against

Alphabet Inc.

GOOG 0.36%.

Google it.

The Ministry of Justice and a group of 11 prosecutors general, all Republicans, filed the case on the 20th. October, claiming that Google uses anti-competitive tactics to maintain a monopoly on its flagship search engine and associated commercial advertising.

The company denies these accusations.

People use Google because they want to, not because they have to or because they can’t find other solutions, said a Google spokeswoman Friday. We have faith in our position and will continue to prosecute the case in court.

California will be the first democratic state to join the cause. The Attorney General of California

Xavier Becerra

The agency has not responded directly to questions why it has decided to take part in the process now.

Becerra’s decision could help soothe Republican criticism if he is confirmed as President-elect next year.

Joe Biden’s house

Candidate for the post of Secretary of Health and Social Services.

The Ministry of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Google. Here’s how the technology giant came into the federal regulators’ sights. Jason Bellini’s doing a report for the WSJ. Photo: Getty Images (originally published October 20, 2020)

Some Republicans have privately criticised the lack of involvement of the Democratic Attorneys General in the DOJ-Google case in the run-up to the Presidential elections on 3. November resumed by saying they will not support an initiative of the Republican Ministry of Justice.

Mr Becerra is a frequent critic of the Trump administration and has been involved in dozens of lawsuits against its policies. Some Republicans have also criticized him for being too biased.

The lawsuit, in the form of a motion to intervene with the Department of Justice as prosecutor, is a setback for Google, which is based in Mountain View, California.

In a statement, Mr Becerra said that the market dominance of Google leaves consumers and small businesses little choice in online search engines.

This process paves the way for innovation in search engines by putting more emphasis on privacy and data protection, he said.

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