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T.J. Hawkson welcomes Roger Goodell after he was selected by the Lions.

In recent weeks the Detroit Lions have taken a few steps back on the field, but the good news is that this has only meant positive things for their positioning in Project 2021.

After a terrible defeat in week 9, the Lions continue to move in the right direction in the draft tournament. The Lions, with a record of 3 to 5 years, rank 12th in the tour and climbing. That’s a good thing for tired and disappointed fans.

The current design order of the NFL… pic.twitter.com/xyHAeXCzVZ

– 8. Oregon Recruitment (@duckscrootin) 9. Oregon Recruitment (@duckscrootin) November 2020.

Of course there is still a long way to go until the end of the season and enough time for changes, but the Lions still lead the design after a few defeats. The goal of the team is to fight in the playoffs, but if not, it is best to position the team in the design for the moment.

The season in Detroit is far from over, but at the moment they are close to regaining a strong position in design.

Expected end of lions in 2021 Proposed decision

From the perspective of their design window, which dates back to 2021, the lions are still wide open at the moment. The team entered the top 5 with confidence and could play for the top 10 spades. If they achieve a few victories in the easiest part of the diagram, Lions can work safely in the 15-20 range. That’s where they’ve been the last few weeks. When this happens, this will be the location the Lions are likely to choose, based on the fact that in such a scenario they can close with an accuracy of 500 or a little less.

If Detroit ends like it did in 2019, nothing will stand in the way of another top 10 and maybe even a top 5. For fans who want big changes in the team, it will probably be good news, but for Matt Patricia and his potential CEO Bob Quinn, it will be terrible news.

Another choice of high-end design in this upcoming off-season would probably mean more significant changes planned for Motor City.

Lions 2021 Project needs

Regardless of the decision of the team, the Lions must be very open-minded in the 2021 Draft because they have considered many offensive and defensive positions in the recent selection. One of the most obvious places where this is needed is in the defensive line, as Detroit is constantly short of passers-by. The team could also use more depth at the vertex, because the fight there was difficult compared to the depth that was strongly supported by the injury. In the event of an attack, Lions can call on another young and broad field of action, and although they may appear to be quarterbacks, given the changes in the leadership of the front office, there may still be a serious problem that could lead to a change in that position.

In the coming months many important decisions will be taken in Detroit and the biggest question that will arise is who will lead these elections and who will train to make them a success.

Right now Detroit is back on the edge of the top 10 you can dream of next spring.

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