Season 2 of the Mandalorians returns to chapter 11 of the inheritance. He largely distances himself from the jokes in the second episode: Baby Yoda, who eats an alien frog egg, and Mando, who faces a monster that seems to have no connection with the big story. This last episode is strictly professional. Mando finally finds other Mandalorians and introduces another Star Wars character with a rich and compelling franchise story to make way for the future fan favorite.

Without giving many details, we already know that the heir would see the next step of Mando, little Yoda and a rather eventful journey of the tadpole woman on the planet Trask, where the latter would join her husband. And according to their agreement, he sends Mando to a place where he can find out more about the other Mandalorians in hiding.

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But surprisingly, despite his sharp intelligence and quick reflexes, Mando can only recognize the trap of betrayal at the last moment. The episode was not so unexpected when squid-like aliens, another Star Wars creature called Quarren, fed little Yoda to the dreaded Mamakora and tried to drown Dean Jarin to take possession of his priceless armor from Beskar.

At that moment three Mandalorians came ashore, blew up quarries and saved the baby and Mando. But unlike Mando, they have no scruples about taking off their helmets. Although two of them are new characters, their leader, the intrepid Bo-Katan Krays, the protagonist of the animated series Star Wars, has appeared many times in the Star Wars universe: The rebels of the Clone Wars and Star Wars. And it’s interesting to note that his first live performance was Kathy Sakhoff, who also expressed the character in cartoon series.

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She was first seen in the Clone Wars as a member of the estranged Mandalorian entity known as Death Watch. She is also the sister of Duchess Satina Krais, who was then the ruler of the planet Mandalore, making her the standard heir to the throne after her. Because they never succeeded in reducing their differences, Bo-Katan eventually joined a radical group with plans to restore the traditional heritage of the Mandalorian people.

Bo-Katan was a loyal lieutenant of Death Watch’s leader, Pre Wiesel, but she booked a seat when the band team took over Mandalore together with Dark Maul and his sister Savidge-Opress. Their fears were not unfounded, for Maul had deceived them, killed Vizla, and claimed the throne for himself. Bo-Katana joined Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano to catch him during the siege of Mandalore, an achievement they eventually made.

Why is Bo-Katan in Mandalorian?

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In chapter 11 of Mandaloreanism, Bo-Katana hunts weapons on an imperial ship, but it soon becomes clear that she actually hunts the Darkxaber, the symbol of Mandalore’s leadership, before returning to Mandalore. According to the chronology of Star Wars, Darksaber first appeared in the Clone Wars at the hands of Pre Wiesel, from where he was taken over by Maul to direct Death Watch and Mandalore.

Although Maul was defeated, Darksaber was taken from him by Sabine Wren, a descendant of the Wiesl clan, who surrendered him to Bo-Katan with the mission to unite the Mandalore clans and bring him back from the clutches of the rebel empire.

We know she lost her legendary weapon in the Great Purge, and as in 2. In the Mandalorian season it is now under the protection of Moff Gideon, although it is not yet known how he obtained the same details. And while Bo-Katan had previously secretly suspected that he had the light sabre, Heyress confirms it. Although we hear the term Darksaber in Mandalorian for the first time, it was shown earlier, in the first season finale, where Moff Gideon used it to cut himself off from his fallen TIE fighter.

It is more than likely that Bo-Katan, Mando and Gideon will cross again. Mandalore’s heir is now looking for Moff, who’s looking for the baby. And although no other Clone Wars characters are expected in this episode, his name, which is difficult to understand, certainly creates a promising future for the live debut of the character. And in view of the expected return of Bo-Katan in future episodes, you can be sure that it will be nothing less than amazing.

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