Leading campaign officials informed Biden of their expectations on election night, showed him the way to victory, and refuted reports that the president could announce victory prematurely when millions of votes remain to be counted.

Yesterday it was reported that President Trump believes that if he wins in the East Coast states of Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, he intends to go out and declare victory. And we want to be honest with you – if he tries, it won’t be true, said campaign leader Jen O’Malley Dillon. Under no circumstances will Donald Trump be declared the winner on election night, and that is very important for the way we want to proceed tomorrow.

O’Malley Dillon said Biden had an important advantage on election day because of his leadership role among early voters. Leaders like ours and what we see will be difficult to overcome, she said, referring to leaders in states like North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona.

For Election Day, this means that with our advantage in North Carolina, where we already estimate that we have about 87 percent of the expected vote, we think that Trump will need 62 percent of the vote to win on Election Day, said O’Malley Dillon, noting that campaign estimates are 61 percent in Wisconsin and 60 percent in Arizona.

We know that on election night not all ballots will be reported, and indeed not only our supporters but also her own supporters will be affected, she said. Our soldiers abroad also voted. They’ll also be our workers on the Kovid front… We believe that every vote should be counted as always.

O’Malley Dillon described the different ways Biden could get the 270 votes needed to win the White House, and said the president had a very narrow road to victory.

We can get to 270 without Florida, which is a significant advantage, she added, saying the campaign will still have a clear and achievable path to 270 even if Florida and North Carolina win, and those two countries will start reporting earlier. That road led through Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which according to O’Malley Dillon was also the easiest way to victory for the former vice president.

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Biden campaign briefing slide, Monday, 1. November 2020.

Biden campaign

Campaign advisor Bob Bauer gave a detailed report on the campaign protection programme, noting that he listed the minimum number of cases in which voters reported difficulties in exercising their right to vote.

Biden said he sent thousands of election observers to help the EMBs identify and solve problems at the polling stations. Like O’Malley Dillon, Bauer rejected the idea that Mr. Trump could declare himself the winner Tuesday night.

According to Bauer, it is absurd for the president to assume that announcing his victory on election night makes any sense. He has no constitutional right to declare himself president.

If you hear the noise of Donald Trump’s election night, if you read the tweets, if you read the tweets of some of his supporters reflecting his words, ignore it. It’s okay, he’s moved on.

Referring to possible legal issues that might arise after election day, Bauer said Biden’s campaign was fully prepared for any legal deception caused by the Trump campaign.

I think it’s very significant that President Trump is not targeting his voters, but his lawyers, and his lawyers are not going to win the election for him, he said. The case he passes on to his lawyers when the voters speak is a case in which no lawyer can win and his lawyers will not win. We will live up to them, I assure you, and we will surpass them in quality and strength, and we will defend the vote.

Stefan Beckett and Melissa Quinn.

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