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In week 13, the NFL came to an abrupt end and there were almost riots. In the dying seconds the Raiders needed a deep touchdown against Henry Ruggs III to avoid losing to the impotent Jets, while the Vikings had to do it in extra time without the disposable jaguars before they could score the winning goal of the match. The Lions overcame a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter to defeat the Bears, while the Saints survived the Falcons’ late lead to secure a play-off spot. And the Brownes scored 38 points in the first half and beat the Titans despite a four-day second half from Tennessee.

On Sunday afternoon, the Giants shocked the Seahawks, who moved 5-7 times, while the Patriots blew up the Chargers with the appearance of great special forces. The Eagles eliminated Carson Wentz and the Rams took a step forward in the western NFC playoffs.

All this and more in week 13, the biggest outing in the NFL.

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Great actor: St. John’s Theis Hill Buy More, 232 access stations, 2 TDs (and 83 access stations)

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The Saints – 3-0 against Tace Hill in the quarterback (although he temporarily lost control of his best performance so far with a costly game at the beginning of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s victory). And the defense arrived with a huge red zone at the end of the match to consolidate the ninth consecutive victory of the Saints and claim a place in the play-offs. The saints (10-2) must finally bring Drew Bree back, but even without him they continue to show that they can handle adversity and win in many different ways. This should predict well for the playoffs. — Mike Triplet

Next part: Nails (16:25 ET, Sunday).


The Falcons still have no identity. After a promising week of defense against the robbers, it seemed that this could be their strength, but they followed with a bad position against the saints. With an attack that continues to struggle, Atlanta is looking for a positive match on both sides of the ball at this stage. — Harry Liles, Jr.

Next part: Chargers (16:25 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Brownes CB Baker Mayfield, 334 entries, 4 TD.


The Browns have finally won the season. In the first half of its best performance ever in the history of the franchise system, Cleveland defeated Tennessee 9-3 and set its first victory record in 13 years. The Brownes have also taken a big step in their fight against the longest drought of the league after the season. Cleveland, led by quarterback Baker Mayfield, scored 38 points in the first half, breaking the first period franchise record. Mayfield himself had a record half and became the first quarterback of the Browns after Otto Graham in 1951, with four touchdowns in the first half. If Mayfield continues to play this way, for the first time since 2002, the Brownes may not only pose a threat to the playoffs. Once they’re there, they can really do some damage. — Jake Trotter

Next game: against the Ravens (20:15 ET, Monday 14 December).


The Titans defeated Brown with a bit of life and lost 38 points in the first half. The annoying defensive maneuvers of the third loss resurfaced this week, with Tennessee dropping 10 calls in 16 losses. However, thanks to a 3-1 division record, Tennessee still has the top position of the AFC in the South. — Thurron Davenport

Next part: Jaguar (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Colts BP T.Y. Hilton, 110 receiving stations, 1 TD.


After their victory in Houston, the Colts can no longer rest on their laurels and, thanks to a draw in Tennessee, have moved to the top of the AFC South ranking (although the Titans have a tiebreaker). They come back in week 14 and in the last game of the AFC playoffs, they meet the Las Vegas team breathing down their necks. A 7-5 loss to the Raiders will reduce Colt’s chances of advancing to the play-offs if they don’t win in the AFC South. — Mike Wells

Next part: Raiders (16:05 EST, Sunday).


The Texans’ slim chances of qualifying for AFC South ended with a two-way line crash on Sunday, but Houston may have found playmakers with a future for the franchise. After the release of Kenny Stills and the ouster of Will Fuller V, the Texan was forced to take a stand, and recipients Keke Kuti (eight strikes of 141 yards) and Chad Hansen (five strikes of 101 yards) tried their luck. — Sarah Barshop

Next part: Bear (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: RB Dalvin Cook Vikings, 120 high speed shipyards (and 59 receiving shipyards)

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Of course a victory is a victory, but the overtime of the Vikings on the Jaguars was ugly and the team knows it. We have to play better than we do, said coach Mike Zimmer, before he realizes that the Vikings had given up three touchdowns in a row for weeks and the Jaguars were playing on the 1-yard line with a 10-point chance at the end of the fourth quarter. You can’t do something like that and still win football games. Honestly, it’s to their credit that they win the races by making such mistakes. If the Vikings want to improve their resume for the play-offs, they will have to convincingly win from a team with more than one victory. You have a great opportunity to do it next Sunday in Tampa Bay. — Courtney Cronin

Next part: Buccaneers (13:00 ET, Sunday)


For the second week in a row – and for the third time in four races – the Jaguars came close to breaking through the losers and winning a second victory, despite four of the first five turns of the season, the best passer and the sixth shooter. This suggests that it should not be a long transformation for the new GM. Take a quarterback with his best choice, beat the other three picks they had in the first two rounds and have a good time in a free desk, and the Jaguars would be a much better team in 2021. — Mike DiRocco

Next game: against the Titans (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: LB Kyle Van Noe Dolphins, 8 units, 3 bags, 5 slotted units, 1 slotted unit


In his first game since he sat on the bench for bad play and injured his left thumb, quarterback Tua Tagovayloa bounced back with a big spread. He showed that he can fight in the first half, because at rest the rust goes down and makes way for the big third half. Tagovayloa threw 294 yards in his career, a touchdown and no offense. The attack of the Dolphins and the continued dominance of the defense give cause for optimism as the Dolphins continue to play in the playoffs. — Cameron Wolf

Next part: Against the bosses (13:00 ET, Sunday).


Last season, Cincinnati’s overtime loss to the Dolphins cemented the right to design quarterback Joe Barrow and showed signs of a struggle under new coach Zack Taylor. On Sunday, hope and optimism were the last things to be found in Miami. The defeat was probably the lowest point of Taylor’s two seasons as a Bengals coach. The Bengalis missed the break, were absolutely dominant in the second half and showed an astonishing lack of discipline that had not been seen since Taylor’s appointment in 2019. It was the same song for the Bengali team that fought for the victory. Cincinnati returned to a half-time lead of 5-1 and an overall lead of 9-2-1, giving Taylor four wins in two seasons. It’s frustrating when these games, you can’t get rid of them anyway, Taylor said. — Ben baby.

Next game: against the Cowboys (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Buy more Lions Matthew Stafford, 402 meters, 3 TD.


He was already in the locker room, grabbed quarterback Matthew Stafford’s match point and managed to calm down after the Lions came from behind to take out the Bears on Sunday. But even then, the temporary head coach Darrell Bivell – in his first game as an NFL head coach – couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. My feelings now, Bevell said. I can’t even think clearly. It’s understandable. In Detroit’s first game after Matt Patricia was fired, Bevell brought a different level of energy into the game. The Lions played with confidence and the change at the top gave the Lions something positive in what was still considered a lost season. — Michael Rothstein

Next game: against the Packers (16:25 EST, Sunday).


Blow it up. The bears (5-7) are ready. It’s done. Come on in. Chicago did the impossible on Sunday, when they took away the victory of the Lions, who had just fired their head coach and general manager. The Bears have now lost six games in a row and are seriously threatened by serious off-season changes. Losing is all the more serious because Detroit ended on Sunday, something that the rest of the league did not have: The lions mainly ranked the bears in 31st place worldwide. And the bears have still found a way to lose. Further calls for fire instructor Matt Nagy, General Manager Ryan Pace and, well, everyone in the building is about to enter a fever field. The last four weeks in Chicago will be painful. — Jeff Dickerson.

Next part: Against Texas (13:00 ET, Sunday)

Great actor: TE Darren Waller looters, 200 yards receiver, 2 TD.


Through discussions with former players, coaches and key players, Peyton Manning sheds light on the history of football and its cultural significance. Clock on ESPN+


Among the many motifs, Al Davis is deeply rooted in the DNA of the thieves: No matter how ugly it gets when we win. Yeah, his rather iconic slogan. Just win, that’s all, baby slogan. But against a team with no wind and a direction like the Jets, it was more than appropriate. On a record-breaking day, when Darren Waller finished 46 metres ahead of Derek Carr against Henry Ruggs III with five seconds to go in the race, the Raiders recorded a two-game loss streak that improved to an overall score of 7-5 and firmly secured them in the race for the AFC playoffs. The Raiders will now play three home games in a row, two of them against teams with which they are fighting for a place in the play-offs (Colts and Dolphins). — Paul Gutierrez.

Next match: against the Ring (16:05 EST, Sunday).


The Jets fell devastatingly at 0-12 when defense coordinator Gregg Williams inexplicably beat the lightning 13 seconds of time and rookie Lamar Jackson’s corner Ruggs with a 46-yard touchdown. It was a terrible phone call, criticised by Marcus May’s security. Let the transfer begin. The jets are a disgrace. — Rich Chimini

Next part: Seahawks (16:05 EST, Sunday).

Great actor: Aries QB Jared Goffe, 351 passport stations, 1 DT (and 1 urgent DT)


Jared Goffe and the attack came out of recession and Rams improved to 8-4. With the loss of Seattle, the Rams moved to first place in the West, with the Seacock Hawks holding a tiebreaker from head to toe. With four more games, including two divisions, the Rams, led by coach Sean McVeigh, can win the third division title in four seasons. Their chances of winning the league are 58% according to ESPN’s Football Performance Index. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Next game: against the Patriots (20:20 ET, Thursday).


The Cardinals (6-6) are currently fighting for their lives in the playoffs after losing the Rams, the fourth in five games, in a fight for life for four players. The cardinals are currently out of the play-offs and fall from seventh and last place thanks to the victory of the Vikings. Arizona has lost control of the playoffs. The victory is now up to the Cardinals, but the other teams will have to lose to go into the off-season, and that won’t help them to go to New York next week to meet the Giants’ flagship team. — Josh Weinfuss.

Next part: Giants (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: THE Leonard Williams giants, 2.5 bags, 5 QB hits


Whether you like it or not, the Giants made a statement without even launching Daniel Jones’ Buy More. Their protection is really… and they’re a dangerous team. It was one thing for the Giants to beat Washington (Alex Smith), Philadelphia (Carson Wenz) and Cincinnati (Brandon Allen). But it’s Russell Wilson they mixed up and locked up. Seattle, which averaged more than 30 points per game, scored a touchdown against the Giants’ rising defense. New York (5-7) won four games in a row and is the only first in the Eastern NFC, at least until Washington plays on Monday-evening. She also proved that it won’t be an easy game if she gets into the playoffs, regardless of the team’s record total. Not with that protection. — Jordan Ranan

Next game: against the Cardinals (13:00, Sunday).


It is hard to believe that Sihouki is a legitimate threat in the middle of qualifying after seeing the egg they laid on Sunday. At home, they fell to a 4-7 Giants defeat against Colt McCoy, the quarterback who hasn’t won a single game as a starting player since 2014. Wilson went bankrupt and took expensive bags with him. It could be the most disappointing loss of Pete Carroll’s regular season, given the ability of the opponents and the Sixhawks to overcome this supposedly soft period in their schedule and take the lead at NFC West. It’s all the more painful because Rams won on Sunday. — Brady Henderson

Next game: against the Jets (16:05 EST, Sunday).

Great actor: Packer WR Davante Adams, 121 Receiving station, 2 TD


Despite all the good things that happened in Sunday’s victory – Aaron Rogers scored 400 career touchdowns, Dawanthe Adams broke 1,000 yards in a single season and Aaron Jones scored a 77-yard touchdown – the Packers are not yet in the playoffs and are still looking for the Saints in the race for NFC No. 1, so their work is far from over. The Packers (9:3) celebrated the terrible quarterback game of their last two opponents: Last week it was Mitchell Trubisky of Chicago and now Carson Wentz who were so ineffective that Eagles coach Doug Pederson pulled him out in favor of newcomer Jalen Hearts in the second half. — Rob Demovsky

Next race: in Lviv (16:25 ET, Sunday).


Coach Doug Pederson is scheduled to start next Sunday with Pain against the Saints. It hurts when a spark is created in the line opposite the packers during the installation of the Eagles. Of course he wasn’t perfect when he threw the Interception and picked up three bags for his first touchdown of his career. But it cannot be denied that the impulse change in the crew took place after Ventz was replaced by the sick. The other players felt confident, and it wouldn’t have done the team any good if they hadn’t at least started to see if that energy could be saved. — Tim McManus.

Next game: against the Saints (16:25 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Patriots PR/VR Gunner Olshevsky, 145 meters back, 1 TD (and 38 meters home, 1 TD)


– McShane early 2021. Level
Assessment: Kiper | McShay – Questions for a Potential Ten – Project with Predictable Mission | NFL Rankings | Full -Ratings


Gunner Olszewski made a 70 yard touchdown and added another long touchdown, while the Patriots scored a 44 yard touchdown because they insisted that special teams can dictate the outcome of the games significantly. With a 6-6 tie, the Patriots are still hoping for the playoffs, and they have a quick turnaround for Thursday night’s game with the Rams (they will stay in Los Angeles for the next five days). If they play like the Chargers on Sunday, anything is possible. — Mike Travel

Next part: Aries (20:20 ET, Thursday).


For the starting quarterback Justin Herbert and the Chargers, everything went wrong, except the beeping. And it’s never good when a player is the only one with a good game. Tai Long placed four bets averaging 51.5 yards, while Herbert (two interceptions), his line of attack and the special forces teams all fought back. — Shelly Smith

Next game: against Sokolov (16:25 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Travis Kelce, eight strokes, 136 yards, a TD.


After all, the bosses can count on their protection. The bosses hit five balls and needed the defense’s help to survive the Broncos. It was around this time that the leaders started to significantly improve their defense last season, raising hopes that a similar turnaround will take place this year. – Adam Thacher

Next part: Dolphins (13:00 ET, Sunday).


The Broncos built the game they wanted. They created the rhythm they wanted, treated the ball the way they wanted and replaced the defense, sometimes with reinforcements throughout the formation, and played with the gravity they wanted from the Broncos. The only thing they didn’t get was a victory as talent, like the Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomez, who eventually won. But it showed that the Broncos are still playing with every ounce they have for coach Vick Fangio at 4-8. If the Broncos can be patient and bring together the effort they made at Arrowhead on Sunday night, a narrow defeat can give them the strength to win again. — Jeff Legold.

Next part: Panthers (13:00 ET, Sunday).

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