One can only hope that 2021 will be a more normal season, with 162 games and fans in the stands, hot dogs to eat and expensive beer to drink. We don’t know what happened on the first day. April will mark the beginning of the 2021 season, but we can assume that there will be 30 franchises.

Yeah, we came back with our annual Way-Too-Early Power Ranking. There are some obvious teams on the top floor, a handful on the ground floor and a whole group in the middle. Coupled with the complexity of analyzing the 60-match season and the uncertainty about how the post-season will unfold due to financial losses this season, these are the most difficult assessments we have had to make so far. But we go forward without fear.

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The record for 2020: 43-17
Winning the World Series
2021 chance of the title: 4-1

They lead the champions. They’ve won eight titles in a row. You’ve been signing Mookie Betts for a long time. They have young beginners like Walker Bueller, Dustin May, Julio Urias and Tony Gonsolin to keep the machine running for years to come. They have players who can have better seasons (Cody Bellinger, Max Mansy, Gavin Lux) They have a good farming system. They have financial flexibility, only the rates signed last year 2022 and all those young players that help them keep their salaries under control. Justin Turner is a free agent, but he would be a good option for DH if the NL would make him permanent. We know they’ll be fine. But we do know it’s actually October.

The record for 2020: 35-25
NLCS loss on Dodger header factor
2021 : 12-1

The attack gives them high ground: Freddy Freeman, Ronald Akuna Jr., Ozzy Albis, Dansby Swanson, and even Travis d’Arnault and Adam Duval raked in 2020. Marcel Ozuna is a free player and it would be good if he would come back, but the new cross-counter Christian Pace is ready and it looks like he will be valuable on both sides of the ball. During the rotation, Mike Soroca will return to support Max Fride after an Achilles injury and a full season of Ian Anderson. Kyle Wright and Bryse Wilson have potential, and Atlanta is likely to attract a veteran with a one-year contract, as they have tried with Dallas Keuchel in 2019 and Cole Hamels in 2020. The brave men will be happy to win the title in the fourth consecutive competition, even if they do nothing in the off-season.

The record for 2020: 37-23
Division series lost to the Dodgers
2021 Chances of Title : 17-2

Of course we can discuss the need to place the Padres in front of the Braves, but I think we should first make sure that Dinelson Lamett and Mike Cleavinger are in perfect health for spring training. San Diego brings back almost all the important players after the youngest team in the Netherlands has been eliminated. Jake Cronenworth and Trent Grisham look like founding amendments with Fernando Tatis Jr. (Everything is won by discipline; good work, A.J. Preller!) We’ll see if Eric Hosmer and Will Myers can maintain their performance in 2020, but if Louis Patino and Mackenzie Gore become the initiators of the strike, the Padres are ready to go a long way to challenge the Dodgers for NL-West superiority.

The record for 2020: 40-20
Lost World Series for Dodgers
2021 : 10-1

The Rays won their first championship title since 2010, and in a remarkable way: 12 different collectors and rescue jars helped overcome many injuries along the way. They achieved this thanks to the depth of their staff, but because they expanded their schedules during the 60-match season, they could rely heavily on the paddock. Of course it can be said that the depth of the field will be even more valuable in 162 games. The attack is not elitist, although we can’t wait to see what Randy Arosarena will do during the season or if super newcomer Vander Franco is ready to make a difference in 2021.

The record for 2020: 35-25
Lost set of wilderness maps with the coefficient
2021 per A-title : 12-1

Like the Braves, the White Sox should be in a high position with their offensive firepower. Even if you see Jose Abreu or Tim Anderson relapse, Louis Robert and Ioan Moncada should improve, and Nick Madrigal’s entire season will contribute to that. Michael Kopecz, who didn’t want to participate in 2020, will hopefully come back, but that hasn’t happened for two years. Finding the veteran’s other hand with Lucas Giulito’s bait and Dallas Cahel will be the key to success. Closer Alex Colome is a free agent, but the White Sox organization has several methods of power, including in the first round of 2020 Garrett Hook Peak, which could immediately become the dominant relief. Manager Rick Renteria and pitching coach Don Cooper got a boot and A.J. Hinch got a possible replacement for Renteria. It would be an upgrade.

The record for 2020: 33-27
lost a number of divisions with a score of
2021 : 6-1

One could argue to put them a few places higher, but not to win the AL-East by 2020 points to a number of shortcomings. You just can’t count on Aaron Referee and Giancarlo Stanton to be healthy all season long. In addition, DJ LeMahieu and Masahiro Tanaka are freelancers, two important players who are about to resign or be replaced. Of course we know the Yankees are gonna do something big, maybe sign J.T. Realmuto and move from Gary Sanchez to Francisco Lindor and put Glauber Torres in second place. The return of Louis Severino from Tommy John’s surgery will also be a big boost.

The record for 2020: 36-24
Lost card set for title chances Astros
2021 : 14-1

The twins did not quite do the same as in 2019, when they broke the record of 307 home runs (although their pace is still 259 in 2020), as their team building average fell by nearly 30 points and they went from second place in AL to the tenth race. However, with three qualifiers in four seasons, they have laid the foundation for success. The big problem is that they have many agents available to replace or resign, starting with Nelson Cruz, 40, and Jake Odorizzi, Marvin Gonzales, Rich Hill, Tyler Clippard, Trevor May and Homer Bailey. These players have only made marginal contributions, but as Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton and Taylor Rogers become more expensive in arbitration, it is possible that Gemini may not be able to fill the list with free marginal contributions as they have recently done. They need a healthy Josh Donaldson, especially when Cruz leaves and they need to get rid of the emotional toll of 18 straight playoff losses to reach 162 games just to get back in October.

The record for 2020: 36-24
Lost Series Division in Houston
2021 chance of the title: 14-1

Five A was not as impressive as 2019: Matt Olson fell to three real results, Matt Chapman’s OBP fell to 0.276 and Markus Semin fell from third place in the MVP standings. Yet they still claim the title AL West, and the scoring plans are, at least for the moment, pretty soft. Tight midfielder Liam Hendricks is a free player, just like some of the other main players, so this rating is not presented with a high level of confidence. It seems that A always maximizes his talent and I really believe that the rotation will be much better and will compensate some of the likely regressions in the pen.

The record for 2020: 26-34
Tie for fourth place in the Netherlands East
2021 Safety ratios : 30-1


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I feel like we need another National League team, but let’s be open: There is a big gap between the top three teams in NL and the mediocre block in the middle. Let’s roll the dice on the Mets with the help of the new owner, Steve Cohen (as soon as he gets official permission) Let’s say the Mets fans are all excited about WAW Cohen’s victory (against Wilpon). It is already reported that all the money it will invest in the franchise will be spent not only on the actors, but also on things like creating a more reliable analytical staff. Apart from all the glittering moves Cohen can make – trade for Nolan Arenado or Francisco Lindor? Signed by JT Realmuto or Trevor Bauer? — There’s a strong talent base here. In WOBA she finished third (behind the Brave and the Dodgers) and fifth in Mallorca based on the number of shots thrown. They should be better – a familiar chorus for Mets fans, unfortunately.

The record for 2020: 34-26
Lost Marlins Wildcard Series
2021 Chance of Winning the Title : 25-1

Everyone was crushed by the Kabans, especially after the two sad retirements in the Marlins, but it should be noted that Chicago still won the central championship despite the fact that Javier Baeza (59 OPS+), Chris Bryant (73) and Kyle Schwarbert (88) were far below the average of the league’s top scorers, while Anthony Rizzo and Wilson Contreras were far below their career level. For this once-important offensive core, the downward trend continues, from the second in SL in 2016 and 2017 to the fourth in 2018, the fifth in 2019 and the tenth in 2020. Biaez, Bryant, Schwarber and Rizzo are all free agents after 2021, but frankly the commercial value for Bryant and Schwarber – and to a lesser extent for Biaez – has fallen into the black. Theo Epstein also suggested that 2021 would be his last season with Cuba. Does this group have one last chance? In a weak division with some rebound potential Kaba could be better than everyone thinks. Or maybe the administration is tearing the whole thing apart.

The record for 2020: 29-31
Loss of ALCS head ratios for carriers
2021 : 20-1

Winter promises to be a very busy time for Astros. George Springer, Michael Brantley and Josh Reddick are free agents, while Carlos Correa, Lance McCullers Jr. and Zach Grainke will be free agents after 2021, as will Justin Verlander and Roberto Osuna, who are likely to miss the season after Tommy John’s operation. They will need more Jose Altuv and Alex Bregman (not to mention Jordaan Alvarez), but they could have a strong rotation if they keep the McCullers and Granke at Framber Valdez, Christian Javier and Jose Urquez. The market for free agents in this area is small, so if Springer and Brantley sign elsewhere, Astros Kyle Tucker may have to ask for help.

The record for 2020: 35-25
Joker Lost Card Set for Yankee Chance
2021 : 20-1

Let’s start with one of the biggest problems of the whole off-season: Is Cleveland going to sell Francisco Lindor? It sounds strange to say, but there is no clear race, because most of the top teams are on the short distance. It will be interesting to see if the team will try to pull out Mookie Betts’ maneuver of swapping him for Lindor and then sign a big overtime deal for the meeting with Free Agency after the 2021 season. Apart from the problem with Lindor, it will be the same Cleveland team we’ve seen over the last two years: they’re just going out on the field to become a play-off team, but a foul that could stop them from doing so. Please find qualified field personnel. Cleveland outfielders scored .196/.270/.304

The record for 2020: 30-28
Series lost wildcards for blocks
2021 Odds on title : 30-1

In some ways it is more difficult to judge what the Cardinals did in 2020 than any other team, they had to play 11 doubles after KOVID 19 broke up at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, they were exactly as we imagined them: Offensive in the lower midfield without violence, good defense, good shield, decent starting field. I don’t know how they’re going to improve, especially since some of their peripheral field numbers don’t exactly match the ERA numbers. You see, as always, you can never give discounts to cardinals. They haven’t suffered defeats since 2007. The service is open. Jack Flaherty will be better. Dylan Carlson can provide them with an infallible outfielder. Bullpen is projected as a great force.

The record for 2020: 26-34
Tie for fourth place in the Netherlands East
2021 Safety ratios : 30-1

In 2020, no team was less motivated than the national team, and when Stephen Strasbourg collapsed, it was as if the whole team was collapsing with him. Juan Soto played 47 games at MVP level and led the NL in terms of average victories, but also in terms of OBP and restraint. It wasn’t a full season, so I’m not saying it’s a comparison, but the 212 OPS+ were the best since Barry Bonds in 2004.

For the second summer in a row we crown Fernando Tatis Jr. de Padres as the funniest baseball player. Who else made the list? Sam Miller

However, the initial rotation gives rise to fears that go beyond the problem of the Strasbourg nerves. Anibal Sanchez collapsed, Patrick Corbin was defeated (85 hits up the sleeves of 65⅔) and even Max Scherzer had the highest ERA since 2012. Maybe the real problem was protection: The national championships ended at the bottom of the majors and held minus 43 defensive runs. As always, depth is a problem, and they need the young Carter Kieboom (no home runs in 99 bats) and Victor Robles (.608 OPS) to contribute to the plate. If Strasbourg is in good health, don’t ignore Master 2019.

The record for 2020: 32-28
Lost wild animals for skates and rays
2021 Title Factors : 50-1

After the Blue Jays were released as wild card in the qualifiers and took third place in the AL ranking, the Blue Jays have a very interesting off-season period. An attack can be even more beautiful if you buy the discoveries of Theoscar Hernandez and Rowdy Tellez. This is worth mentioning: Jace has been much more successful in reaching his temporary home in Buffalo, so we have to be careful not to overestimate the attack. Hyun Jin Ryu was great (at least for the playoffs), but the rest of the rotation was so problematic that Jays Taijuan Walker, Robbie Ray and Ross bought Stripling to stretch. Walker and Ray are freelancers, but Nate Pearson will help them, and Jace must have money to spend in a free agency.

The record for 2020: 28-32
Third party in the Netherlands East
2021 Title Opportunities : 40-1

It’s hard to imagine that Phyllis is much better than the 500-strong team she’s played for the past three seasons, which has moved Matt Clentac’s managing director to another position in the organization. They had two great starters, Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler, and immediately finished fourth in the Netherlands, but the paddock (6.92 ERA, the worst of all) ruined all the good points. Phyllis allowed an average score of 0.345 in the game, and it could drop over the course of the season, but it’s the highest score ever recorded. It’s been a problem for years. They were in the middle of the BABIP packaging authorised in 2019, but the fifth worst in 2018 and the sixth worst in 2017. They couldn’t fix the defense. Anyway, J.T. Realmuto and Didi Gregory are free agents. For the entire 2020 season, the salary would exceed $200 million. One can therefore wonder whether Realmuto can resign, correct his homework, replace/remove Gregory and possibly make a new start.

The record for 2020: 26-34
Fourth in AL West
2021 Chances of winning the title : 40-1

Billy Eppler takes over as managing director after a five year winless run. Yes, he inherited a bad contract with Albert Pujols, but he also inherited Mike Trout and never managed to build a successful team around him, despite additions such as Andrelton Simmons, Shohei Otani and Anthony Randon. Simmons is a free agent, Pujols is finally back to last season and Jared Walsh (.971 OPS, nine homeruns on 99 shots, low strikeout 13,9%) has to play. Desperately trying to make Joe Adell a first division kicker (.161, 55 strikeouts, seven seats on 132 courts), find out what happened to Otani (.190) and Justin Upton (.204) and – as always – contact the kickers. Sounds like the same story as the last five years.

The record for 2020: 29-31
Lost Card Series for Dodgers
2021 : 50-1

This crew is hard to read. In 2020 the breweries didn’t strike at all (I think the NL had to keep their eggs in Lake Michigan because nobody could strike). Christian Elih, double baseball champion and MVP 2018, only hit 0.205, and I know he only played 58 games, but his success rate went from 20.3% to 30.8%. Something’s not right.

Is your team out of MLB season? He’s on the off-season to-do list. American League



They have two cute combinations – one or two in Brandon Woodruff and Corbin Burns in the corner and Devin Williams and Josh Hader in the pen. Williams’ incredible breakthrough (53 for 27 runs) makes Hader a lure for trade? Burns certainly seemed like a real find for his new torch, but he’ll have to prove he can do it in 30 starts instead of 10. David Stearns is one of the most creative GMOs, although he probably wants to take a break from Trent Grisham/Zack Davis’ contract with Louis Urias/Eric Lauer.

The record for 2020: 24-36
Fifth in East LA
2021 Chance of winning the title : 60-1

It was the hardest team to design. The serve was so terrible – 5.85 points per game, the highest for a franchise since 1932 – that it’s easy to assume it will be bad again in 2021. The year 2019 was also bad (5.11 runs per game), so we have a two-year record. Maybe they find Chris Salé in the off-season and Eduardo Rodriguez comes back from a heart problem related to Covid. There is a good attacking core with Xander Bogaerts, Raphael Devers, Alex Verdugo and Christian Vasquez (and J.D. Martinez when he jumps). I’m not sure I know who Bobby Dalbeck will be. I think his date is Joey Gallo, if that’s okay. More importantly: Will Chaim Bloom play a long game or will he be pressured to immediately return to challenger status?

The record for 2020: 31-29
Lost Card Series for the Brave
2021 Odds per Title : 25-1

De Roden slipped in the playoffs like a joker with a late spike, but the team left the game embarrassed with two Braves offsets, including a 13-0 loss. The Reds have become the most extreme example of a crime with three real consequences that we have seen in this early corner age. They were fourth in the Netherlands on the home run and first on the walk, but came in with the pathetic .212. The whole package only reached the 13th place in the Netherlands. Make room on the tracks, then dig deeper and discover that they’ve done 55 home runs at home and on street 35, so most of their strength comes only from their home park. This is a serious crime and I am not sure that the situation will improve significantly in 2021. Trevor Bauer is sure he will sign elsewhere as a freelancer, and we still don’t know if Nick Senzel is a midfielder or an injured role player.

The record for 2020: 31-29
Series divisions lost from the Braves
2021 title chances : 60-1

It was a nice trip for their first post-season trip since 2003, but once past the starting trio of Sixto Sanchez, Sandy Alcantara and Pablo Lopez the pits came to a standstill. The pitching bat was in last place in terms of batting speed, and among the first five retired players of the team were the 30 boys who are ineligible in 2021. There are no offensive stars, because the lineup has relied on the veterans of the breach, while the young shooters still have problems controlling the shooting area (and the young shooters are not really that young). The movement difference of minus 41 is a bit misleading because the Marlins had to use more players than any other team because of the COWID 19 flash, but I’m not sure I’ll see another .500 season unless some of the young predecessors suddenly become strong regulators.

The record for 2020: 29-31
Third at NL West
2021 Chance to win the title : 80-1

Call me skeptical. They went from the second worst attack in the Netherlands to the first of the top five without any significant additions. Brandon’s 1,000 PA belt? Mike Jastrzemsky and Alex Dickerson over 900? Donovan Solano is in the running for baseball player of the year? I feel a regression, and the Giants don’t have the rotation to support it. They also had the oldest team in the league: Mauricio Dubon is the only regular visitor who will not turn 30 in 2021. Joey Bart can take a punch, but the 41-3 beat speed in the movement suggests he’s not ready for prime time yet. Some of their big contracts end after 2021, if you count the ransom money. So find the giants waiting for this big class of free agents 2021-22 to turn the tide.

The record for 2020: 27-33
Third in AL West
2021 Chances of winning the title : 100-1

There have been some good positive developments in 2020: Kyle Lewis can win Rookie of the Year, Eustus Sheffield has greatly improved, Marco Gonzalez has established himself as one of the most underestimated rookies in the majors, Dylan Moore has become one of the best players in the power/speed combination. But there’s still a zero-star power here, at least until Jarred Kelenick and Julio Rodriguez arrive as potential All-Star outfield players, Kelenick in 2021 and Rodriguez probably in 2022. Jerry Dipoto will have to rebuild the paddock, which was one of the worst in the competition (5.92 ERA). Sailors are on the move and have other potential effects, including Logan Gilbert and Emerson Hancock, but are expected to stay on course in 2021 and make progress in 2022.

The record for 2020: 26-34
Fourth in AL Central
2021 Rating coefficients : 150-1

Royals has some interesting young pitchers with Brad Keller, Brady Singer and Chris Bubich, with Josh Staumont as a possible approach, but there are still some big holes in the list, especially in the attack. They have to take care of midfield, second base and left field, and even Adalberto Mondezi Jr. looks like a beachhead now until Bobby Witt Jr. arrives in a few years. This note may be a little low, as young pitchers can wear a team if it’s fast (and in 2020, the best Asa Lacy may not need a lot of time as a minor), but they have to look for clubs.

The record for 2020: 25-35
Fifth in NL West
2021 Chance of winning the title : 60-1

It was ugly and after a few years of chords (Paul Goldschmidt, Zach Grainke and chords ending this season), the fans turned to the team that didn’t seem to reduce any amount of frontman talent. Kettle Marte and Eduardo Escobar, who did so well in 2019, fell and Marte inexplicably decided he didn’t want to run anymore. Robbie Ray couldn’t hit, so he was finally traded. Merrill Kelly hurt her shoulder. Madison Bamgarner hasn’t won a single match. Problem before 2021? The Diamond Back was the second oldest in the Netherlands (six of the top eight controllers were 29 years of age or older). Bumgarner now looks like a bad bet of $80 million. They’re only in season 85-77, so there’s potential for a rebound, but the snakes are in a mess now.

The record for 2020: 25-35
Fourth in East LA
2021 Chance of winning the title : 150-1

Make no mistake, there were many positive things in 2020, especially after losing 108 games in 2019 and 115 in 2018. Anthony Santander has made a small breakthrough in the measures underlying this approach. Ryan Mountcastle looks ready to join the team in 2021 and Trey Mancini will hopefully regain his strength after completing chemotherapy in September. Keegan Akin and Dean Kramer can follow the rotation.

Is the title of Astros stained forever? Is the Jeter overrated? We offer the last word on each team’s most urgent problem. History

They have financial leeway, especially as they approach the end of Chris Davis’ contract and with Edley Rutschman close to the majors and starters D.L. Hall and Grayson Rodriguez, the farm could be ready in 2022, better than it has been for at least ten years. But the basic level of talent is still quite low.

The record for 2020: 26-34
Fourth at NL West
2021 Chance of winning the title : 100-1

For the time being, Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story are still on the list. Will they be at spring training? Relations between Arenados and the Rocky Mountains are tense, making it a candidate for trade this winter. But it won’t be easy: He didn’t have a good year 2020 on his plate, he finished the season at IL, has a full no-exchange clause and can renounce his contract after 2021. When ArenadO is being traded, you’ll be able to see the history of Rocky Trading, because it’s a free agent after 2021. Usually this team just has to be made up. They took the eighth place in the race in the Netherlands and that’s terrible for Team Rocky. (They only reached the fifth place in the history of the franchise once).

The record for 2020: 23-35
Fifth in AL Central
2021 Coefficients : 200-1

Sometimes it’s enough to point out the obvious: Jimer Candelario was the team’s top player in 2020, the 26-year old first baseman who had hit the .203-pistol a year earlier. Look, Casey Mizet and Tariq Scubal are good beginners at one point, but their fight in limited action in 2020 suggests that 2021 might not be the year. With Spencer Turnbull and the promising Matt Manning, there is something to dream about, but no offense, and Spencer Torkelson and Riley Green, their prospects for a better position are closer to those of 2022.

The record for 2020: 22-38
Fifth in AL West
2021 chances of winning the title : 100-1

The rangers always go backwards. They were bad in one year, in 2020 they thought they could be competitive, they weren’t very young and the farming system had trouble developing kickers and changing instrumentalists into quality tubes. The attack was a brutal year – and not just for the new park. You haven’t been on the street either. It’s time to admit that Joey Gallo and Ragned Audor will never be at the heart of the championship line-up, and if Lance Lynn is replaced – he’ll become a free agent after 2021 – the spin will have a huge hole to fill.

The record for 2020: 19-41
Fifth in NL Central
2021 Chance of winning the title : 300-1

Let’s see, the small team that set the worst sports record will not spend money on a free agency, and the top three players in 2019 were all terrible in 2020. The first step is hope for Josh Bell, Brian Reynolds and Kevin Newman, but with most of the organization’s key prospects far from over, the short-term outlook looks bleak. The long-term perspective is not so full of roses and puppies.

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