The royal tumult of 2021 is over, and now WWE can start working for WrestleMania 37 in April. We already know who the winner of the Rumble is (Edge & Bianca Belair), there’s a good chance Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns will still be world champions in April, and there’s enough talent on both lists (even without having to draw on stars who may be returning from absences or book legends) that you can already make out a big part of the map of WrestleMania. Then let’s go!

Are there any missing matches? Or would you book the show in a completely different way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

World Championship: Drew McIntyre v. Border

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On the way to Sunday’s show, we encountered many traps that we almost stepped into, but fortunately we were able to avoid them. Goldberg didn’t become the oldest man ever to win the WWE Championship, McIntyre’s momentum as the dominant WWE Champion wasn’t undone, the WWE didn’t feel compelled to pit Edge against Randy Orton III at WrestleMania by eliminating each other, and Orton wasn’t rewarded with his third win over Rumble after missing 90% of the match due to a fake leg injury. That’s all right.

So the big question is who Edge will be competing against at WrestleMania. I’ve seen a lot of Edge vs Roman-type arguments – which would absolutely work, since anything to do with the council is gold at this point – but I think the chief could have been better used for something else.

Which brings us to Mclntyre v. Edge. On the surface, there aren’t many finished stories, but McIntyre has been able to pop up in each of his title programs since last year’s Mania (yes, even with Dolph Ziggler). Furthermore, they could lead to a scenario where Edge’s mission to become world champion again shifts from definition to obsession after his failure against McIntyre, which could lead to a reversal and the return of the Ultimate Opportunist. Because even though we like Edge now, he’s always been the best of the bad guys.


World Cup: Roman rule f. Daniel Bryan

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With Edge eliminated, it’s time to decide what the Overlords are going to do. They come from the current SmackDown program and in recent weeks have made guys like Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and Big E look like possible Rumble winners. But I’ll stick with the guy I thought would win the Rumble, Daniel Bryan.

In Brian’s last class (before he, Otis, and Chad Gable started talking about hips), the reasons for this argument came out. Reigns’ initial push for the Main Event was so frowned upon by the fans that there were several moments that ended over 2015 when fans angrily demanded that Bryan win the Rumble instead of this type of Reigns, even though the Rock raised the Big Dog’s hand for the win. Now it makes sense that Reigns is upset with the rejection of the fans, but he hasn’t had the chance to express his frustration yet (since the audience is still virtual).

But now that Brian is supreme, he embodies in his mind all the fans who disrespected him. He will do everything in his power to punish Bryan, and the adorable vegetarian will fight King’s jealousy with his true love of wrestling. As he explained to Paul Heyman, I have a theory about why, and that’s it. I think you’re right, Roman rule may be the best at the moment. He plays at a completely different level than everyone else, but he doesn’t fight with his heart. It’s a facade, it always has been… the big difference is not who is the best, but who wants the glory and who wants to fight with his heart.

The only other wrestler better suited to embody Roman’s rejection of babyface fans is CM Punk, and I’ve long given up hope of such a return.


Women’s Water Championship Asuka vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley

(Photo: WWE)

The revenge between Charlotte Flair and Ria Ripley makes perfect sense – people smarter than me have already explained why. But I’m keeping Asuka in the equation because I think she deserves something good after the strange way WWE used her last year. Last summer, her first women’s Raw championship ended in a completely bizarre way, and now she feels like she’s behind the Raw idea.

Remember how important it was when Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bailey won two championships at the same time? Asuka is the double champion of the month, but she is still fourth on Raw, behind Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans and the odd Alexa Bliss.

She doesn’t need to leave WrestleMania as champion or even fall, but I’d love to see her in a major Mania match.


SmackDown Women’s Championship. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Beliar

(Photo: WWE)

Belair’s performance at the Royal Rumble was just spectacular, and the post-match promotion immediately made me wonder if she was going to release Sasha at WrestleMania.

I think she can, but the big question WWE has to answer at WrestleMania this year is whether they want to put Belair and Ripley at the top of the women’s division with Flair, Becky, Banks, Bayley, Asuka and Bliss.

I sincerely hope the answer to both is yes.


Firefly Fun House game: Fiend v. Randy Orton

(Photo: WWE)

Can the WWE keep the already interesting and uncertain scenario between Orton and Fiend going until April? Probably not, but they could gain time if Edge and Orton finish their trilogy in Elimination House or Fastlane (I’m thinking the latter, which would give the first pay-per-view on Peacock a good head start).

Then the demon returns and we have another Firefly Fun House Cinematic Match like last year. Wyatt would have a rich canvas to work on again, and you could even ask John Ken to fix and tie up what’s left of last year’s Mania.


Intercontinental Championship: Big E v. Seth Rollins

(Photo: WWE)

Big E’s appearance at this year’s Rumble wasn’t as long and dominant as many fans had hoped, and now his plans for WrestleMania aren’t as clear. I still think he’s on track for the World Championships, but if Reigns is already occupied, we should give E a big win at WrestleMania. It would be good to beat AJ Styles and Omos, but I doubt Styles will come back to SmackDown just for that. Let’s go for Rollins!

Basically, the former world champion is sticking to his Messiah gimmick for the foreseeable future. So why isn’t he trying to repent, now that he’s away from the rest of New Day? E managed to fend off Rollins’ attempts several times, and eventually CrossFit Jesus tried to take the intercontinental championship from him.  At the end of Mania, E can still have the title of world champion and beat the four-time world champion. If that’s not a pulse, I don’t know what is.


American Championship: Bobby Lashley versus Keith Lee

(Photo: WWE)

Lee missed the Rumble on Sunday, which is a shame because this race is for powerhouses like him. The relentless rider from Raw has yet to live up to most fans’ expectations, but like Big E, he could benefit greatly from being a good opponent at WrestleMania.

Enter Bobby Lashley and The Hurt Business, who have always been among the best on Raw, even in the last batch of bad episodes. Lashley is the dominant champion at heel, MVP is his arrogant spokesman, and Shelton Benjamin and Cedric (Prime!) Alexander could be constant stumbling blocks – all things Lee can overcome on his way to the US Championship.



(Photo: WWE)

Mustafa Ali vs Kofi Kingston is one of the best WWE programs to date. The only downside is that the best moments are usually on Twitter.

Finn Balor vs. Karrion Kross – Now that we know WrestleMania is already two days away, I have a feeling the WWE may have to draw from the NXT talent pool to fill the cards. The NXT women’s title winked at Mania last year, so we’ll give Balor a shot this year.

A.J. Styles versus Ricochet – because that would be fun.

Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn – see above.

Daniel Bryan v Chad Gable – It has to happen sometime this year, whether Bryan is in front of WrestleMania or not.

Lana v Nia Jax – it all has to go somewhere, right?


frequently asked questions

Will there be a WrestleMania 37?

WWE has announced the locations of their upcoming wrestling events. The focus is on Tampa Bay, Dallas and Los Angeles from 2021 to 2023. Wrestlemania 37 will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida. … The next event in freestyle wrestling will take place on the 11th. April 2022 in Dallas, Texas, at AT&T Stadium.

Will WrestleMania have 37 fans?

WWE fans return to the stands during WrestleMania 37 After spending 13 months in empty arenas, the WWE welcomes fans back to the stands during WrestleMania 37. WrestleMania returns to Tampa. Last week, WWE confirmed that WrestleMania 37 will take place over two nights in April at Raymond James Stadium.

What are the results of WrestleMania 2020?

2020 WWE WrestleMania 36 matches, Card Night 2, calendar, dates …

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