The Democratic Party regained control of the White House and Joe Biden denied Donald Trump a second term. Biden is the 46th president. President of the United States. He called it a day of victory and hope. He was sworn in in the presence of former Presidents Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and vowed to preserve, protect and defend the country. Incumbent President Donald Trump was on his way to Florida. In his absence, Vice President Mike Pence would represent the outgoing administration. Mr Trump is the first outgoing president since 1869 to choose not to attend the inauguration.

Joe Biden wants to restore America’s image and bring back its glory. Vice President Kamala Harris becomes the first woman of color to hold this position. She also attended the inauguration ceremony and was sworn in. It was a day that brought hope for a new beginning for an America that had experienced death and violence on Capitol Hill.

According to Sky News, Joe Biden outlined his priorities. He described the coronavirus as a unique virus that is quietly crossing the country. The issue of white supremacy and terrorism was high on his list. It will focus on the unification of the nation. In his opinion, it will be easy to take corrective action once the frequency is set. He wants people to treat others as neighbors, not adversaries.

Biden and Harris Inauguration Interview

The inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took place in a discreet manner. Artists include showbiz celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez (better known as J.Lo) and Garth Brooks. Lady Gaga sang the national anthem and Jennifer Lopez presented a selection of American musicals.

Following the programs, President Joe Biden visited Arlington National Cemetery to pay tribute to America’s fallen. He then visited the White House with his family. Biden and Harris met at the Lincoln Memorial the day before the inauguration. It was in memory of the 400,000 Americans lost at the VIDOC. Sky News mentions Donald Trump.

His parting message was: We’ll come back in some form or another. Before boarding Air Force One from Andrews Common Base, he said I wish the new government good luck and success.

Boris Johnson congratulates Biden and Harris.

Sky News reports from the UK. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated the new president and vice president of the United States. He said America’s leadership on issues with global impact such as climate change and COWID is essential. That’s what he said: I look forward to working with President Biden. Queen Elizabeth II also sent a private message to the president ahead of the inauguration. As soon as he came to the White House, he began signing executive orders. Joe Biden will sign numerous executive orders during his first ten days in office.

Joe Biden says the United States wants to join the Paris Climate Accord.

According to CNN, the United States is planning to extend the Paris climate agreement. President Joe Biden announced it because he wants to address this important issue with urgency. This is a historic agreement signed in 2015 with the goal of controlling global warming. However, Donald Trump pulled out of the deal last year. According to experts, the willingness of the United States to join the agreement was an important step on the part of the Biden administration. This would reverse the climate policy of the last four years and send a positive signal. The president wants America back in the leadership role. French President Emmanuel Macron has welcomed this initiative. Biden, by the way, has appointed former Secretary of State John Kerry as his climate envoy.

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