We will always remember the days when mobile games were limited to chasing snakes around a point or destroying pixelated monsters with a spaceship, but those days are long gone.

Today we have tablets and smartphones that allow us to play the most complex games. We’ve even reached a point where large companies are already focusing on the shift to mobile gaming. We’ve seen it with the rise of Call of Duty, Fortnite and PUBG on mobile. Riot Games has just founded League of Legends: Wild Rift as their answer to the mobile gaming trend. Even Blizzard Entertainment has managed to make one with their upcoming game Diablo Immortal.

In fact, the most popular games today are focused on the mobile device, where Genshin Impact leaves its mark among us. Although these games can be played on a PC, the gameplay and experience can also be transferred to a mobile device.

These are signs that the mobile game scene should never frown, and whether you like it or not, it is already an important thing that will change the game scene in the coming years.

Figures have already proven this fact and even Dr. Disrespect and his online tirade couldn’t help.



When Visual Cap published a chart highlighting gaming revenue, it found that mobile gaming has overtaken PC and console gaming revenue by 2020. Revenues from mobile devices were $85 billion compared to $40 billion for PCs and $33 billion for consoles. It’s amazing that mobile phone games didn’t start until 1997, while the rest of us have been playing them since the 1970s.

The green arrow is TT because it’s in Fortnite. It’s a good time to share another chart from @VisualCap about revenue trends in the video game industry. And it’s faster! pic.twitter.com/iEBLs2iRcZ

– Thomas Donda (@tomasdonda) 23 December 2020

Many factors contribute to this trend. The convenience of the smartphone has opened doors for non-players. Where in the past people needed a console or computer to play, today the tablet and the phone we use in our daily lives can be an alternative.

However, it is the ability of these games to adapt to the needs of the players that stands out. A free game that converts to paid access to all functionality mechanisms tends to attract more people to invest in the game than the traditional first-purchase game model. It even revolutionized the gaming industry, as non-mobile games began to adopt the concept.

In fact, these agreements have opened up opportunities for game developers to diversify their market. Activision Blizzard has developed a mobile version of Call of Duty together with TiMi Studios. This gave Activation Blizzard an extra opportunity to increase its revenues. And the result was in the form of the call to duty: Mobile received $327 million at launch and downloaded 250 million devices.

All this is made possible thanks to a revolutionary product.


When Steve Jobs announced his revolutionary masterpiece, the iPhone, he opened up many new game possibilities. Gone are the days when mobile games were limited to pixel-based graphics, because these graphics for smartphones surpass previous iterations of the mobile device. Smartphones are not like typical Nokia or Blackberry phones, because they don’t offer a limited and small keyboard that can do a lot of damage to your fingers. Steve Jobs was even proud to announce that there is no stylus on his device that can easily get lost and ruin the mobile gaming experience.

It was in 2008, when the application stores for iOS and Android were opened, that game applications began to emerge. Titles such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds soon began to dominate the market.

But that all changed with the introduction of Vainglory, where you can finally answer questions about how to get to the next level. Will mobile games reach the top of the sports world and compete with the World Championship and the International? Even if the game is dead for the time being, others will continue where they left off and can enter the stage to great heights.


Although the trend is on the rise, mobile gaming has been criticized for many reasons, but the focus is on stigmatizing mobile gamers as casual gamers. Console and PC gamers look down on them, arguing that they can’t afford to buy a PC or console that can give them a better gaming experience.

Some criticize the many announcements that pop up in the middle of the game.

Some people claim that mobile gaming is easier than the competition, an assertion that is false because it is not easy to switch from League of Legends PC to League of Legends : Wild Rift compared to Arena of Valor and League of Legends: Wild tear.

But that criticism shouldn’t stop you from being part of the scene. The publicity will be crazy, but it is the general experience of the game that matters most. In fact, these ads also contribute to the growth of mobile gaming revenues.

Monument Valley, Transistor, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Genshin Impact and all the other games I have already mentioned have proven that you can always have the best mobile experience. You can even become a professional sports player for some of the famous multiplayer games.

As can be seen on Twitch and YouTube, mobile game streamers are slowly building their brands. Indeed, it remains an undervalued market with enormous potential. Sponsors and organisations have even invested in the creation of mobile gaming content.

If you’re tired of getting 5 viewers on your Twitch channel in two years, consider switching to mobile gaming. With your high level of skill and pleasant personality as a rival of Valkyrae or Ninja, you could become the next internet sensation.



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