In December Paramount delivers an original and moving holiday film with Flying, in which two people fall in love while trying to save the family ranch. This year, a number of Christmas films premiered, making way for more diverse stories. Hallmark and Lifetime each released their first LGBTQ Christmas film with a Christmas production with a real couple and Robert Buckley’s Christmas house. Aviation stars in December are Peter Porte, Juan Pablo di Pace (Fuller House), Andy McDowell, Caroline Harris and Carlos Sanz. Jake Helgren is the writer and director of the film.

Flying in December is an authentic and sincere Christmas treat with a perfect cast that brings a romantic, sincere and sensual film to life. The Christmas film is a mix of drama, humour and heart that creates a warm blanket of emotions that envelops you and gives you an experience that will not only go through the Christmas season, but also into the new year. In the film, Wyatt (Peter Port) is overworked and takes his work too seriously before he decides to return to his mother’s ranch, where he hasn’t been since his father died. The reunion between him and his mother (Andy McDowell) is immediately tense, but his homecoming reunites him with his best friend from high school, Blake (Caroline Harris).

He did not get the warm welcome he expected when he met the handsome owner of the Heath ranch (Juan Pablo di Pace), who immediately turned his head to sell the ranch, which was also Heath’s house. Neither is getting off to a good start, but when the two open up to each other, they realize that there is more between them.

There are romantic moments in the Christmas movie, such as the line dance scene with music by Cody Belo and a classical song by Shania Twain that makes you want to get up and dance. The romance is sincere and charming, with moments of emotion that make you fall in love with this couple and make you root for every moment you spend between them. The chemistry between the actors is soft and authentic, which develops naturally throughout the film.

Not that the film is without drama, because the walls against which each character grows up are the scene of great struggles and conflicts. But fear not, as in every Christmas movie, Dashing in December leads to a happy ending after which Wyatt successfully plans to save the ranch and even make Heath a partner (in more ways than one).

Flying in December is amovie.

In an interview with ET Canada, Juan Pablo di Pace told us that Flying December started as a more traditional holiday film until Paramount decided to make it. Di Pace is best known for his memorable role as Fernando in Fuller House with the unmistakable eccentricity of Andrea Barbera. The actor was part of one of the most popular couples in the original Netflix. Last season he immersed himself in the more than complicated love life of DJs.

The actor explained how the network decided to make a more honest and sincere Christmas film to tell the story of these two men in love, and how complicated it can be between two very different kinds of people. Peter Port made a joke in the same interview that he and Jake Helgren have already directed many Christmas movies, so they know the formula. The actor went on to say that Paramount is the one who wants them to continue building the story into what it has become.

Peter Port went on to say that there wasn’t much talk about the connection between him and D-Pace before, that it helped make it more natural for the characters to meet and fight each other for the first time. Juan Pablo di Pace opened ET Canada by telling how he first got emotional when he watched Dashing in December, because he saw himself in an intimate moment (if only an embrace) with another man, cathartic and pleasant.

Once again in love with a dashing manDecember

Juan Pablo di Pace told Auth that he had never felt so free as during the filming of Dashing in December. He then explained that the film was very therapeutic for him and opened a whole box of Pandora’s for him. In an interview, the actor also said that as an actor he is used to leaving part of himself on the side, but that a turbulent month of December has softened him. Di Pace said he was attracted to the softer moments between the characters because it was the first time he felt affection for a person on screen and he didn’t care why the film had such an impact on him. The actor shared that romantic comedies make you wonder if you are happy where you are in life and that when you are in a bad situation, they can make you believe in love again.

Dashing in December certainly succeeds in creating this effect, because the love story between Wyatt and Heath is real and complex and shows two people with strong personalities falling in love. The actor explained that he wanted to see more romantic comedies and holiday films with LGBTQ+ stories that go deeper into all the voices that are not represented.

In an interview with Digital Journal, Juan Pablo di Pace said that this is a very special film for everyone and on many levels. The actor went on to say that this is an LGBTQ story about normal people falling in love, and he talked about how proud he was of the turn of events. Dee Pace also spoke affectionately about her collaboration with Andie MacDowell and described her as a generous, kind and gentle person.

The actor will also release a single in January.

Song by Cody Belo in Dashing in December

Cody Belo is a singer-songwriter who sees a big step towards producing a Christmas song for Dashing in December. Another of his songs can be heard on the CW Roswell, New Mexico series. The singer shared this incredible opportunity with the American songwriter and talked about how it was not so long ago, when LGBTQ issues appeared in obscure B-movies or were damaged. The singer-songwriter said that happy endings aren’t always easy and that it’s more than good news to be able to review a movie like Dashing in December with characters like Juan Pablo di Pace and Peter Port.

It all started for Cody Belu on Instagram when Jake Helgren reached out to him to tell him how much he loved his music and how he had just discovered it. He then learned from Helgren that he had asked Shania Twain to perform Any Man of Mine for the dance scene. Belev is looking forward to the coming year and is currently working on what he describes as a slow development of the singles. In the interview Mr. Belew also talks about what he learned about The Voice, namely that you should always know who you are as an artist. See the soft December section in the Paramount application.

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