Trevor Lawrence is ready to train for Clemson again – he’s just not ready to say how long it’ll take.

Star strategist Tigrov said Monday he felt good after his fight with KOVID-19 and plans to resume training this week. Clemson has an open date on Saturday. However, when it comes to his future in the NFL, Lawrence said he was just trying to keep his options open.

I’m just trying to enjoy my last months here, if that’s what I want, Lawrence. I’m just trying to enjoy it and I clearly don’t want to make much of it. I don’t want more people talking about me than they already do, so my thing is that I never get stuck in a corner where I have to do something, just because of what I’ve said in the past.

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Lawrence, Jr. had previously announced that he wanted to sign up for the NFL at the end of the year, but withdrew last month when he was forced to say: Who knows? Anything can happen.

The comments caused quite a stir in the media and among NFL fans who wondered if Lawrence had made scenes to prevent some teams, including the New York Jets, from having the worst record in the league at the moment.

On Monday, Lawrence said his withdrawal had nothing to do with the prospects of the NFL and anything to do with leaving the leeway if he changes his mind about going back to school.

I feel the same way, but I don’t want to talk about it anymore, Lawrence. People want me to say that no matter what happens, I’m sure I’m gonna leave school, and that’s not what I’m gonna say. It’s as simple as that. I would never put myself in a corner like that, but that’s what people want to hear. I want to leave it to me to take over and make a decision, and of course I won’t say for sure, otherwise I’ll leave, and it turns out it made more noise than if I hadn’t said anything.

While Lawrence is not interested in predicting the future of his game, he said it was particularly difficult to miss the last two games, including the loss of Saturday 47-40 in Notre Dame.

Lawrence stated that he received VIDOC-19 on Wednesday 28. October, tested, with a positive result that surprises.

I haven’t been in a big band since this whole thing started, Lawrence said. I’m trying not to. But like this thing, you can follow it to so many people and think I can get it here or there. I’ve tried to keep my circle strong, but it’s hard when people don’t know if they have it.

Lawrence said he had had mild symptoms since Monday, but practiced as usual, suggesting it was an allergy.

On Thursday – the day after the positive test – he reported that his symptoms had worsened considerably and that he had felt pretty bad for about 48 hours. However, last weekend he said he was largely back to normal, although he still has some taste and smell problems. His isolation period ended last Thursday, but the demands of the CCA heart tests made it impossible for him to return to Notre Dame.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Trevor Lawrence is ready to resume training after his recovery from KOVID-19, but he wasn’t sure if he should return to Clemenson for the high season. Matt Kashore/Photo Pula from AP

Clemenson lost Notre Dame in double overtime, the first loss of the Tigres in the regular championship since 2017, while the QB D.J. lost reserve. Uiagalei fell 439 yards in the absence of Lawrence, the record against the Irish.

Would Clemson’s fate have been different if Lawrence could have played?

Who knows? Football is such an interesting game. In hindsight, Lawrence said D.J. put on a lot of plays. Who knows what it would have been like if I’d played? I’d like to be there and do my best to win the game. But at the same time the DJ played very well and I was proud of him. He was ready, and he did his best. So I really don’t know, but I’d like to play, I guess.

Lawrence said the team was still in good spirits after the loss and he thinks Clemson still has a great chance of winning the national championship.

As a leader, to make sure we all get back together after a game like this, but just to get back to work, Lawrence said. It’s never been a problem. Get ready for the championship. I’m happy to be back here and I’m just happy to be back for practice this week.

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