With a bevy of free agents this summer, the NBA will have plenty of new talent to add to its rosters. In fact, this year’s free agent class is the most talent-rich in the league’s history. One of the free agents that could have a big impact on next season is four-time All-Star point guard Damian Lillard. The 28-year-old Lillard is a three-time All-Star, who’s established himself as one of the best guards in the NBA. Lillard will hit the open market this summer and he’s reportedly interested in sign a max contract with a new team.

Rumors are swirling around Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, and one of the biggest rumblings is that he will command a max contract this summer when he is eligible for a new contract, which will likely pay him $30 million to $35 million a year.

The NBA is currently in the middle of its busiest season. This year, the league is expected to have nearly 30 new coaches and over 20 new players. This means that the next few months will be filled with coaches, general managers, and players making moves to new teams. Whether it’s the Rockets trading for Chris Paul, the Celtics trading for Kyrie Irving, or the Cavaliers trading for Kevin Love, the league is always changing. But the biggest changes of the off-season may be the four best destinations for Damian Lillard this summer.

word-image-6977 Damian Lillard is one of the most dedicated players in the league. So far, he has spent his entire career with the Portland Trail Blazers. Despite his dedication, the Portland Trail Blazers have yet to surround him with a championship core. Lillard has given a lot to the Portland Trail Blazers franchise, and maybe it’s time to win a championship elsewhere. While it seemed unlikely at the beginning of the season that Damian Lillard would ever leave the Portland Trail Blazers, things can change quickly in the NBA. With that in mind, here are the best options for Damian Lillard if he asks for a trade.

4. Miami Heat

Miami Heat gets: Damian Lillard. Portland Trail Blazers get: Tyler Erro, Kendrick Nunn (signing and trade), Duncan Robinson (signing and trade), KJ Okpala, Precious Achiuva, Goran Dragic (signing and trade), first round pick, second round pick. The Miami Heat were eliminated in the first round by the Milwaukee Bucks. Their entire team was below average, and the Milwaukee Bucks were clearly the better team. But with Damian Lillard alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, things could be different for the Heat. A series won’t necessarily negate Jimmy Butler’s victory in last season’s finale, and maybe Damian Lillard is interested in playing with him. If the Portland Trail Blazers trade Lillard, the young talent will likely be traded by the Miami Heat. Tyler Erro, Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson could excel in big roles in Portland, while projects like KZ Okpala and Precious Achiuwa will likely get more minutes to develop. Losing Goran Dragic will hurt, but it’s worth it if it means getting a superstar in the form of Lillard. The selected players will help rebuild the Trail Blazers, and overall this is a great package with the prospects and selected players.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Take the Los Angeles Lakers: Damian Lillard. Portland Trail Blazers get: Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, Talen Horton-Tucker (signing and trade), Alex Caruso (signing and trade), Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell (signing and trade). But Damian Lillard could be the perfect scenario with the Lakers. Although Damian Lillard will have to make a special request to join the Los Angeles Lakers, they will certainly give him a chance. The Portland Trail Blazers will certainly do everything they can to please their superstar point guard, as he is a franchise legend. Playing alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James would be fantastic for a player of Lillard’s caliber, and he’d have a real shot at a championship. The Portland Trail Blazers will receive several assets as a result of this trade. There will be solid veterans who will fit well on teams that struggle to win, such as Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, Alex Caruso and Montrezl Harrell. The Trail Blazers could decide to keep them for a year or possibly trade them to a contender to get more players for their rebuild. Talen Horton-Tucker and Kyle Kuzma could improve with a bigger role, and they will likely get that role in the Trail Blazers’ lineup after Lillard. While other teams have more to offer, there are options for this scenario.

2. Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors get: Damian Lillard. Portland Trail Blazers Reception: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, Eric Paschall, 2021 Timberwolves first round pick (top 3 defenses), 2021 Warriors first round pick. If the Golden State Warriors bring in another long-range shooter like Damian Lillard, it could give their offense a big boost. Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry would be unstoppable on the perimeter, and the space for other teammates would be insane. For Golden State, Damian Lillard will have to carry a lighter offensive load while being able to play with another superstar, Stephen Curry. Andrew Wiggins is a great two-way player. He’ll be a big salary-cap player, but Wiggins will be able to produce a lot in Portland as one of the leading scorers. James Wiseman is the second pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and when you look at him, it’s clear he has a lot of potential. However, it is unclear if he will get the touches he needs to develop with the Warriors, so he could be traded. Eric Paschall is one of the best rookies of the 2019-20 season who doesn’t quite fit into the Warriors’ system. A change of environment will certainly benefit his development. The two choices in 2021 are very valuable, and overall this package defines Portland’s future very well.

1. Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets gets: Damian Lillard. Portland Trail Blazers Reception: Jamal Murray, Will Burton, Monte Morris, two future first round picks. The Denver Nuggets are still in the race for the championship. But if they don’t win this season, a trade for Damian Lillard might be the right move. The combination of Nikola Jokic with another superstar Damian Lillard and guard Michael Porter Jr. would make the Nuggets one of the best teams in the league. If he is paired with Nikola Jokic, this year’s MVP, Lillard could be working with someone who could be a major force on the team. Jokic’s ability to pass the ball will allow Damian Lillard to get easy passes. Notably, Damian Lillard has talked a lot about Nikola Jokic in the past and recently posted a picture of them together after Jokic beat him in the playoffs. Needless to say, if the two men had worked together, they would have become one of the most formidable duos in the league. The Denver Nuggets will likely have to give up Jamal Murray in a trade, if only for talent and contract reasons. Jamal Murray is an electric point guard who could become a star in the future, but Damian Lillard will take the Nuggets to the next level. Will Barton and Monte Morris are capable role players and would be good additions to Portland’s team. The future pick would be a solid draft pick to get a player of Lillard’s caliber, as the Nuggets would send Murray in that scenario. Damian Lillard in Denver will be a scary sight, and few games focused on wins would be better for the Nuggets.NBA Rumors: 4 Best Destinations For Damian Lillard This Summer I wrote an article last summer outlining 6 destinations where NBA players should consider signing with this summer. This summer, I’m going to update my list to include 4 more destinations, and talk about the rationale behind each of them.. Read more about what team is damian lillard on and let us know what you think.

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