It’s safe to say that Bradley Beal is currently experiencing a nightmare with the Washington Wizards. He’s been on the team his entire career, but it’s no longer the competitive team that always made it to the postseason; it’s in trouble, probably the worst team in the Association right now, and Beal is frustrated by this situation.

He kicks the ball and tries to get his team to win, but nothing seems to work for him. The Wizards dropped to 3-11 on Wednesday night, despite Beal’s 47-point score against the New Orleans Pelicans. That was all he could do, and Washington lost to the Pels by 18 points.

Bradley Beale tonight:

47 PT6 AST4 REB45 FG% 47 PT6 AST4 REB45 FG

Wizards always lose by 18 points.

– Hope Central (@TheHoopCentral) 28. January 2021

He sat on the Wizards’ bench, visibly upset, and the NBA community began sending messages that they wanted Beal off the team. The NBA Twitter reacted late to Beal’s frustration, and while some agreed he should leave Washington, others recalled that it was he who signed a maximum two-year extension with Washington in 2019.


– Hope Central (@TheHoopCentral) 28. January 2021

Please, God, get Veal and Westbrook out of this hellhole Washington♂️.

– Official️♂(11-8) and (11-5)-x (@Officialj0nn) January 28, 2021.

The meat grinder thing:

Get Wizards: Jimmy, Bam, Herro, Achiuwu and four freshmen.

It’s hot: Bradley Beal and the second round.

A very fair exchange! It works both ways!

– Terry GOATLAURIN (Wizards is Poverty) (@TerrysGOAT) January 28, 2021

Probably, yeah. Realistically, probably not. Would love to see Beale in Boston, yes.

– Austin Adams (@austinadams02) 28. January 2021


– (@MunchTVx) 28. January 2021

The man was 47 points behind and almost 20 behind. He should go to

– (@WadexFlash) 28. January 2021

He dropped 60 ads and still lost#FreeBradleyBeal

– Certified Lover Boy (@Johnkhwizera) January 28, 2021

Beal signed the extension he knew he would get.

There is no free fighting here.

– BenchWarmerPost (@BenchWarmerPost) January 28, 2021

B. x Zion x Veal

– Moody (@__Moody1) 28. January 2021

After he signed knowing his team was a dog behind the wall, he could have gone somewhere else but he has THINGS to sign with the Wizards are problems and needs to stop sulking like a child. He’s a fantastic player, but his body language is terrible for your best player.

– Alex (@Notoverheated) 28. January 2021

It’s time for Beal

– (@Ali_Szn14) 28. January 2021

I guess you could say Bradley Beal can’t lead the team.

– Follow your dreams (@yo_cal_) 28. January 2021

He could have gotten away with it and not signed the extension there. He took in as much money as he could, and for that he did the right thing. But he’s not an idiot. He knew what he was buying.

– Brian Tali (@BryanTali12) 28. January 2021

Don’t feel bad that this guy just renewed his contract with this team, he knew what he was getting into.

– Nicholas Claxton Stan (@slimreaper21) January 28, 2021

Bradley will just ask for a trade and all of this could happen at ….

– Jimmys Burner (6-11) (@JimmysBurner2) January 28, 2021

Bradley needs to do more in terms of leadership. Scoring goals is not leadership.

– J Heat (@Thevaultjmu414) January 28, 2021

The poor guy has to go up against the worst team in the NBA.

– Panav (11-6) (@panav_gogte) January 28, 2021

My God, since Scott Brooks still has a job.

– Hopeful Giants fan (6-10) (@giants4lf) January 28, 2021

Bradley Beal in every game

– Jimenerenka (@panchocoo8) 28. January 2021

I’ve never felt so bad for a superstar.

– Be nice 🙂 /Cavs 9-9/ (@_jjm2329) January 28, 2021

Who says it’s not

– Joe Vincent (@JoeVincentt) 28. January 2021

It was expected to be a better season for them after they brought in Russell Westbrook via trade, but nothing worked out for Russ or his team, and Beal is fed up with the situation. Time will tell how it will turn out, but the picture is not so good for the members of the organization.

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