Today Boris Johnson was interviewed by members of the Liaison Committee.

Today Boris Johnson was interviewed by members of the Liaison Committee.

According to the Prime Minister, it is not yet clear whether the schools will be able to reopen their doors to all students after the February deadline.

Speaking to the committee today, Boris Johnson said it would depend on a number of things, including the possibility of new variants of the coronavirus escaping the vaccine.

It is also too early to say whether the current blocking measures are working well enough, he said, although initial indications were positive.

He responded to Robert Halfon of the Liaison Committee, who inquired about the educational impact of school closures.

Mr. Johnson said: We have to work very hard to get there (schools open in the middle of the semester).

If we can achieve what we want with the vaccination program, the priority, of course, is to open schools as soon as possible, he said.

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Whether we can do it after the mid-February break or whether we will do it depends on a number of things.

It depends on the success of the vaccination programme, it depends on our inability to find that, for example. B. the South African or Brazilian variant is immune.

It depends on learning nothing else about the disease that makes us tell.

He stressed that there is currently no evidence that vaccines are ineffective against mutated strains.

But that should go well, and then the most important thing is that the general closure measures continue to work, he continued.

What we’re seeing today, right now, are the first signs of progress in controlling viral growth, signs of stabilization or slowing in some parts, but it’s too early to say that this means we can go to some kind of easing in mid-February, and we’re going to have to work very hard to get there.

Meanwhile, the tragedy for many children is that they are not getting the education they need.

That is why we fought desperately to keep schools open for as long as possible, and I know that this view was shared by many colleagues in the House.

Halfon raised the issue of the effect of school closures on students and said they could increase the achievement gap between disadvantaged children and their wealthier peers by as much as 75 percent, according to the Department of Education and the Education Incentive Fund,

He continued: We know that mental health problems among young people are on the rise. The Royal Society of Paediatricians reports a 300% increase since the first clogging of eating disorders in young people, caused in part by school closures and social isolation.

He asked how the government specifically assessed the impact of school closures on children’s academic achievement and mental health, and whether schools could be opened earlier if teachers and support staff were added to the list of priority immunizations.

Mr Johnson said he had set up a £1 billion catch-up fund for pupils who had not attended school.

He stressed that the government has a long-term plan for both education and skills and said disadvantaged students already receive £2.4 billion in funding for student awards.

We have an ambitious programme – the Life Skills Guarantee – for all those who currently cannot access funding for education for those over 18 and over 23, he added.

Earlier in the meeting, Johnson said the government is concerned about a new mutated strain identified in Brazil that has already spread to Japan.

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