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Thursday’s inbox asks for suggestions on the best TV for the PS5, while a reader wonders about the future of Next Level Games.

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trend I was a little shocked last night when I saw that Dino Crisis was trending on Twitter and thought for a moment that Capcom had finally announced a remake or a new sequel. Unfortunately, it was just a voiceover on Twitter between the four games you most want a remake of (I think that was the original post). The four games were Manhunt, Clock Tower, Eve of the Parasite and Dino Crisis.

Given the trend of their names, Dino Crisis won, followed by Eva Parasite and then Clock Tower….. With Manhunt not in the running. I was glad to hear that, because that’s exactly the order I would have put them in. The only problem is that this is just fan talk, and I doubt it has a chance (although I’m not sure who still owns the Watchtower).

Still, my heart goes out to Dino Crisis, and I really hope Capcom can bring it back one day. The last rumor was that they had cancelled the planned remake. It’s a heartbreaker, especially after the damp squib that was Resident Evil 3. But I hope they change their minds or skip the remake and make a full sequel, because the first two were great and at times really scary – easily the best dinosaur game of all time, and we all know how close they came….. Out (sorry).

GC: It’s hard to say because they’re all pretty much out of the video game business, but we think Sunsoft still owns Clock Tower.

Switch Strategy
If the Switch rumors were true, we’d be looking at the biggest hardware overhaul Nintendo has ever done (after the DS and DSi) and we’d be close to what we’d expect from a full-fledged successor.

I think Nintendo might want to go the mobile route by dropping a few generations, like they’ve done with other consoles, and have a more flexible ecosystem to play any game, regardless of the current iteration, plus all the games to come.

Of course, this depends on a number of factors to consider, including backwards and forwards compatibility of the software, as well as not confusing customers (hopefully whoever came up with the Wii U and 2DS names is in charge of another task).

As unpredictable as Nintendo is, this would indicate a niche strategy with other consoles and phones. At least it’s nice to see that they’re not resting on their laurels, which led to inertia after the success of the Wii/DS.
Bowser Frogs

Personal Best
What a delightful game Luigi’s Mansion 3 is, yet another bestseller in the series on the Switch. Some of the animations are fantastic, and the game has a great sense of humor. It’s mostly the puzzles that make the difference, with highly inventive solutions that often make you laugh out loud. Gooigi is a very welcome addition, with his octopus-like movements resulting in excellent level design.

Next Level has certainly done a good job with the series, and outperformed Nintendo. I loved his punch! !! Update for the Wii very much, they also seem to have a very safe hand (except Metroid Prime) : Federation power, but I think it was forced on them). I wonder what they’ll be working on next? Hopefully their excellent work on Luigi’s Mansion will give them the freedom to do something new, whether it’s an existing Nintendo property or a brand new IP.
Ryan O’DPS: I’m very excited about Monster Hunter after your glowing review, it’s on for Friday!

GC: We kind of forgot that Nintendo bought it. It’s too early for them to come out with a new game this year, but we’d also be very interested to see what they’re working on right now.

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Just a thank you for the article you read and posted on Monday at 4:29pm that GAME and other retailers have the Xbox X and S series in stock. I saw the article at 5:28pm and managed to get my hands on an Xbox X-Series. The individual models were no longer available, but I did get one with an extra controller. I paid an extra £19.99 for shipping insurance, so if the product was lost in transit, I would be a winner as I would get my money back and receive £50 compensation.

Today, Wednesday, I received a message from Royal Mail saying it would be delivered between 11:23 and 3:23 on Thursday. Thanks again, keep up the good work.
woz 007 (Gamertag)/woz_007 (NN ID)

GC: Great, we’re glad it helped.

Horror Montage
I was just about to recommend a Swiss horror series called Munduan. I played it on Xbox, but I’m sure it’s on PlayStation and PC too. This is a very unusual horror game, with a great sense of horror and unease, thanks in part to the unusual graphic style (a little poorly drawn, but still better than a pencil sketch) and the brilliant use of the local Mundown dialect.

It’s fantastic, and I highly recommend it if you get the chance to play it. If not, I can do a cursory review for you, but you have to be honest!

GC: We are happy to do it for you if you want to write a reader review.

Quality Settings
The Xbox Wireless Headset is excellent for the price, especially in terms of sound quality, as most reviews indicate. They are better than the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Generation 1 I used to use. Very good for spatial audio. The microphone is not the best. It eliminates most background noise, or at least makes it very quiet if the settings are right. Below are the settings I use that work best for me, but the EQ depends on your personal preferences and you may want to tweak it a bit.

Go to the Xbox Accessories app

For EQ
First and second bars: one click down
Third bar: leave in the middle
Fourth bar: 3 clicks up
Fifth bar: 4 clicks up
Bass boost: +5
Automatic muting : High power microphone: Low level

You get six months of Dolby Atmos for free, and I recommend you take advantage of that. In my opinion this one is much better in terms of surround sound than the free Windows Sonic. Go into your Xbox sound settings and change it to Dolby Atmos. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to download the application. After six months you’ll need to pay £15 for a one-off licence to continue using Atmos, but it’s worth it. You also get a free six-month subscription to DTS Headphones X, a product that competes with Atmos. I’ve heard of them, but haven’t tried them myself yet, so you can see which one you like best.
Big Bad Daddy82 (Gamertag)

I thought the eternal
question was a humorous Q&A on Amazon about the game Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The question is, did Bowser end up killing the princess in any of these titles?

I can’t wait to hear something from Nintendo after Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Hopefully the Nintendo Direct, which will mention Super Mario Galaxy 2 and other Mario and non-Mario related games, will air on the 31st. March recorded.
Andrew J
PS: Monster Hunter Rise currently costs €34.85 on ShopTo.
PPS : Creature In The Well will be available for free on the Epic Store for PC starting today at 4pm.

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Expect a
surprise As always, when we know so little about Nintendo games before the end of the year, the question is when and what? And by that I mean when the news comes, not the release date.

With less than three months to go until E3, we know that the first game is coming out in the summer, that the Switch is still selling well, and that Monster Hunter Rise is about to get an even bigger boost that will likely make it to the point where there are no more shutdown announcements. So I can imagine Nintendo not wanting to do anything urgent at this point.

However, the disappointment of the last Nintendo Direct didn’t help those who hadn’t missed the big news of the first part. As always, I’m impatient, but I wish they had made some brief but important announcements in April so they could reveal things in June. The problem is that after last year, we can’t assume they’ll do anything as early as June…..

Rumor has it that this surge in software sales is unusually significant, and that’s what I’m most interested in, not what will likely be an entirely new, more expensive 3DS-like hardware. When they predict that by April 2022 they will sell 20% more software than their previous annual record, I can’t think of anything but Mario Kart or Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is a sequel that could contribute significantly to this (alongside Monster Hunter, as I imagine third-party games play a part in this extrapolation).

What gives me the impression that Breath of the Wild 2 is not coming this year is not so much what Aonuma said in the last video. Here’s the thing: Skyward Sword comes out in July, and there are rumors of more Zelda ports in the future. What they did with Mario wasn’t far from that, but I don’t know if they wanted to cram so much Zelda into so little time and risk getting tired before a big event like Breath of the Wild. So I guess the new one won’t come until March 2022 at the earliest.

I know it’s best not to get your hopes up too much for more than one new top game this fall, but if all the rumors and speculation turn into yet another DLC fighter for a game that there are already 80 of and the Pokémon remake, I’ll probably be more mad at myself than anyone else.

GC: We think you’re probably right about Breath of the Wild 2. The player in front of you also makes a good prediction that they will announce something after Super Mario 3D All-Stars is discontinued.

Microsoft claims that Game Pass members spend more money than other players, not less, which I find hard to believe. But I think by not paying for the games, they buy more DLC and microtransactions.

I’m looking for a new TV and I want it to provide the best experience possible in conjunction with the PlayStation 5 (which I’m finally getting!). I have a budget of around £800, but I might go a little further if anyone has any good suggestions.

GC: Coincidentally, the Samsung Q80T QLED is currently on sale at most retailers. The 55 version costs 999 €.

This week, Hot Topic
Monday marks the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. So this weekend’s inbox is dedicated to the granddaddy of survival horror and your memories of Capcom’s classic series.

Are you a fan of the franchise, and if so, what is your favorite item and why? Why do you think the series has lasted so long, especially considering how rare new horror games are these days?

What are your impressions of Resident Evil Village so far and what are your expectations for the series in the long run, including possible remakes? Do you wish the series was more horror- or action-oriented, and what do you think of recent games that reduce the amount of cheesy dialogue and characters?

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