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Lebron’s fourth. As the NBA, people are talking about his GOAT status again. It seems that LeBron can not only be famous for his size, instead of constantly comparing him to the great Michael Jordan, but that it is a competitive basketball world. Kobe had to deal with it, and now LeBron has to deal with it. While MJ is widely known as the only great actor in history, Lebron has managed to rekindle the fire.

As big as Lebron James, because he’s a hybrid between Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, he’s just not as big as Air Jordan. MJ has done too much in the game in a relatively short period of time to place a player next to him. So it’s not fair to compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan, because he’ll never make it. Even if Lebron wins 6 rings when he resigns, he will still be in the shadow of Jordan.

Here are six reasons why six NBA titles don’t mean that LeBron is as big as Michael Jordan.

6. Moving away from the moment

For some reason, Lebron James had many moments when his heart and killer instincts were questioned. This never happened to Michael Jordan at any point in his career, because he was the most determined and powerful athlete in team sports. Jordan was known for scaring his rivals and even his teammates because he was so focused and dominated, something LeBron James just never did. LeBron is a very nice guy, and this could hurt him.

Lebron James has always been a player who can help you out of trouble. This means that when things get complicated, he shouldn’t step on his toes and take matters into his own hands. On the contrary, he had many cases where he seemed to stop or did not show the will of the killer that Jordan had. Not to mention the fact that Jordan had a lot of respect and fear for his enemies, even praise. Lebron James, although admired and respected by young players, was named Draimond Greene with the letter B in the NBA final round. Would that happen to Michael Jordan? Of course not.

5. Corporate bankruptcies

The next reason why LeBron James will never be as big as Michael Jordan is the weight of LeBron’s failures. The loss of Lebron James in the 2011 finals was probably the biggest black point in the history of Farmer Hall. Because Lebron James is currently known as shrinking, he has completely abandoned his team, although he was a big favorite with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosch by his side. All Lebron had to do was play by his usual standards and Miami would probably have won the series, but he was much lower than them. Never before had Jordan shone so brightly in the finals, in fact he remained undefeated in all his performances.

LeBron was also accused of leaving his team by team owner Dan Gilbert, who will never be said of Michael Jordan. LeBron’s critics always refer to the 2009 series against Magic and then the 2010 series against the Celtics, as in the moments he left his team. Not to mention the fact that LeBron never took part in the Dunk competition (although all the big pantheons have one), mainly out of fear of failure, and that he also missed the last 1-on-1 fight with Kobe Bryant in All-Star in Crispy Time. Too much evidence to ignore if he wants to be a brick.

4. Super party run

The greatest player of all time should feel like he has enough to win NBA titles on his own, even if it sounds crazy. Michael Jordan had it, and even Kobe Bryant had it. MJ knew he was the best player in the world and wanted to prove it by destroying all his opponents. The idea that he could join other big players like Larry Bird or Magic Johnson turns his stomach and that’s why he won all his championships with the Chicago Bulls.

If M.J. Scottie Pippen and later Dennis had Rodman, he wouldn’t have the luxury of a great team created by Lebron James. When the move to Cleveland became difficult, LeBron worked with Dwyane Wade (then third best player) and Chris Bosch (then 20th best player) to shorten his way to the main regatta. Unfortunately he burned in 2011 and had to learn to win by failing. When things got complicated in Miami, he returned to Cleveland after getting superstar Kiri Irving and their first common choice, Kevin Love. Of course he travels from Cleveland to Los Angeles, where everyone knew that the arrival of Anthony Davis was inevitable.

Lebron James is four times NBA champion and the undisputed best player of all his teams, for which he deserves all the credit. But compared to Michael Jordan, every little bit counts, and the fact that he played at least 4 rings to win 4 rings in 10 attempts is not what MJ did with Scotty Pippen and then Dennis Rodman.

4. A Loss of last record 4-6

LeBron James is a great player who has led many middle class teams to the playoffs. That is why he will always be remembered as one of the most versatile and impressive talents of all time. He has the size, skill and natural talent to dominate the game of basketball, which is why he has reached the finals on numerous occasions. But his record of defeats in the final is not pleasant when it comes to the biggest player.

Lebron James could have won more NBA finals 10-6 than Jordan, but he lost 6 games in total. Some of these losses are very questionable, especially given the talent that James had in his team. James was even swept twice in the final, which is very strange for a player of his calibre and talent. He is the first player in 20 years to reach the finals twice. Not to mention the fact that Lebron James has shown too many cases in which he doesn’t make big bumps when he has to. In the final of 2016, Kiri Irving played with the winner of the match to help Lebron achieve his third place and missed a winning attempt by Danny Green in the fifth round. Game to beat this year’s NBA final, which eventually lost. Lebron was lucky in his career to have clutch manufacturers like Ray Allen and Kiri Irving helping him win the rings, but he showed he didn’t make any big bumps when he had to.

It’s one thing that MJ didn’t make it to the finals every year, but when he won, he won every time. MJ wasn’t one of those players who tripped at critical moments, and he killed all his opponents when his team was close to him. Lebron, who has spent most of his career playing in the East, could have helped him perform better in the finals, but he has not achieved most of that performance against other big teams. He lost his tracks twice, three times Golden State, once Dallas Mavericks. The various defeats of Lebron in the final are certainly a sign against his great career and give an advantage to the undefeated Michael Jordan in the final.

3. Individual prices

Lebron James may be the best player in the NBA. He has the physical ability to dominate the board and defense, as well as the skills needed to be one of the top scorers and players of his team. James is an unstoppable force in many ways. He can carry any team on his back and lead them to victory in the regular season. He influences the game in every way, and in the usual game moments he is often called the king.

But even with all of LeBron’s successes in the field, LeBron cannot be compared to the number of individual awards won by Michael Jordan. Lebron won 4 MVP’s, Jordan won 5. In the course of her career, MJ has won 10 meritorious titles, while LeBron has only won one. Jordan was the best striker of his time, while Lebron never had it for him. LeBron’s PPG average is 27.1, which is very solid (4th time in his career), but MJ’s is 30.1 (1st time in his career). Michael Jordan won the Defence Player of the Year award and over the course of his career has created 9 purely national defence teams. Lebron has never won the DPOY prize and has been a member of the All-NBA defense team six times.

The most important prizes are kept last, for the last reason, because Lebron will never take over from Michael Jordan.

1. 6-0, 6 titles, 6 MVP finals, without having played 7

The greatest achievement of Michael Jordan’s career is not the ten titles he has won, nor the Defensive Player of the Year award, nor even the iconic shoe line. Fact is that Michael Jordan has won his 6 appearances in the NBA final and 6 times in the MVP final. Besides, MJ didn’t even let his opponent go to the 7th round. The hope of the game. When Jordan played in the finals, he was the undisputed star of the series and always played above his usual production. He never flashed, never feared the moment and knew from day one how to be a killer. He’s really unique.

Even if Lebron James wins the next two NBA titles, the 6-0 result is simply much better than the 6-6 result. Jordan needed 6 trips to conquer 6 rings, while Lebron needed at least 12 to conquer his 6 rings. Add to that the fact that LeBron has had huge teammates throughout his career and he might have been able to make his latest record a little more enjoyable. Moreover, James misses Jordan’s killer instinct and doesn’t react to Jordan’s glowing comments, which completes the agreement that Lebron James Michael Jordan as BRICK will never surpass. He will undoubtedly be one of the top five players, but this number one position seems to be consolidated forever.



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