After being off-camera for almost a year, Batwoman is finally back. The hit CW series returned Sunday night, officially ushering in a new era for Gotham’s purple-clad crusader. After breaking up with series star Ruby Rose after season 1, the series will turn away from the Kate Kane story and instead follow a new character named Ryan Wilder (Javisia Leslie). This week’s season premiere, What Happened to Kate Kane, brings Ryan’s original story to life, while continuing many of the series’ stories at the end of the first season.

If you want to know more about the key details and plans for the Batman Season 2 premiere, we’re here to help. Here are the biggest revelations and easter eggs, what happened to Kate Kane? Apparently, spoilers for the Batman season 2 premiere, what happened to Kate Kane? Down! Don’t look unless you want to know!

Who’s Ryan Wilder?

The episode begins with Ryan Wilder sleeping in his van parked at the edge of Gotham Harbor. Suddenly, a plane crashes in front of her – the plane in which we finally find out that Kate Kane was on her way back from National City after meeting with Kara Danvers about the kryptonite shard. Ryan discovers the Batman costume in the rubble and takes it.

Throughout the episode we have flashbacks and details of Ryan’s life before he died in childbirth – his mother died in childbirth and she spent most of her life in foster care, but thanks to his foster mother she was inspired to change her life. They move into an apartment to start a new life, but are immediately ambushed by a group of squatters in the apartment, who turn out to be members of Alice Wonderland’s gang. The gang members killed Ryan’s foster mother and beat Ryan before Alice arrived and ordered them to disperse – a moment Ryan will never forget. We also learned that Ryan had already served time for drug possession, apparently by corrupt members of the Ravens.

In a dramatic scene, Ryan puts on the Bat costume and uses it to fight the Society of Faces, but can’t immediately familiarize himself with all the suit’s features and gadgets. Luke and Mary are able to find Ryan’s whereabouts and ask him to give him back, but she refuses, arguing that she needs it to house Alice properly. Lucas and Maria are reluctant to trust Ryan, but Maria develops an affinity for him, especially after learning about his past. Meanwhile, Ryan does similar research on Kate’s story and realizes that she could become a hero both inside and outside the costume.


What happened to Kate Kane?

As soon as the news of Kate’s plane crash becomes public, everyone around her starts spouting crazy theories about what exactly happened. Luke thinks Kate is dead and blames himself because he is partly responsible for her going to National City to investigate kryptonite. Mary has a slightly more optimistic look on her face assuring her that Kate might still be alive, but she also secretly cries as she holds the Bat suit.

Alice is angry about Kate’s possible death from a completely different angle – because she’s angry that she can’t kill her. Jacob begins to believe that Kate is dead again, especially after the trauma of losing Beth.

The climax is a scene between Alice and Jacob where Alice lets it slip that Kate was Batman. At first Jacob refuses to believe it – he jokes that if Kate was Batman, he’s the Joker – but Alice helps him make the connection and points out that Kate may have died believing that Jacob hated her because she was Batman. This has a huge effect on Jacob and ends with his crying in a scene where the bat signal is turned on.

Reports suggest that the plane’s explosion was caused by a recalled device, but Sophie suspects that Safia was targeting the plane. The last scene of the episode seems to foreshadow the moment when Alice receives another ominous message from Safiya telling her to consider us as equals.

Sophie also receives the message – of Kate’s safe, which Julia would open after learning of the disappearance. In the letter, Kate reveals to Sophie that she is Batman and that she was still in love with her long after they broke up.


Bruce Wayne returns

In the disappearance of Kate and Ryan and in the midst of it, the takeover of Batsum, Luke and… Mary is faced with another bombshell – the apparent return of Bruce Wayne, who is actually Tommy Elliot in a changing disguise. Luke is quick to suspect Bruce and his unexplained absence, but Bruce claims there were twenty of them for every Alice Kate, and he had to fight Luke to keep the taste of his various villains away. Luke shows Bruce the kryptonite and he takes it for himself, also claiming that he will get the Bat Lounge back from whoever has it.

Tommy is thoroughly enjoying Bruce’s life – especially as a womanizer – which Alice sees as a distraction. Later Bruce goes to the Raven’s office and crosses paths with Jacob and Julia, the latter dropping Alfred’s code name and giving false information about Alfred’s whereabouts, to which Bruce doesn’t bat an eye. Julia manages to obtain a fingerprint and confirms to Luke and Mary that it is indeed Tommy Elliot – just as Tommy enters the Batmobile and blows up one of the walls to gain access to the Batmobile, which was discreetly hidden inside, and uses it to track down the Batmobile.


New billet

Luke and Mary warn Ryan of Tommy’s plan, and Ryan uses their van to try to get rid of Tommy and the Batmobile. After a long chase (during which Tommy sings the song Jingle Bells, which smells like Batman), Ryan disguises himself as Batman and joins him in battle. Tommy shoots Ryan with a kryptonite bullet, but manages to survive and hits him in the face until his Bruce Wayne face flakes off. Tommy returns to Arkham, and Ryan seems to have survived the battle well, although he suffered a significant (and inexplicably non-fatal) kryptonite injury to his shoulder.


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