An ornate falcon sculpture and a voter sign greet voters after casting their votes in the Mercedes-Benz stadium for the second round of the U.S. Senate elections in Atlanta, Georgia, December 29.


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What’s the difference in politics between a Senate led by Chuck Schumer with 50 Democrats and a Senate led by

Mitch McConnell.

with 51 or 52 Republicans? This is an issue of importance for the next two years, so it is worth presenting the issues at stake in Tuesday’s Georgian Senate elections with realistic precision.

Start with the scrap check, which noticeably shifts to the left. Republicans will lose the ability to investigate FBI abuses and…

Hunter Bidens.

Chinese business. The Senate is likely to reject most of Biden’s approved nominations, but Democrats will also move controversial candidates, such as Neera Teeth to the White House budget office, or.

Xavier Becerra

at HHS. There will be no screening of judicial candidates.

The democratic presidents include

Bernie Sanders,

who will try to extinguish the Pentagon in the Credit Committee.

Sherrod Brown

in the banking sector and

Elizabeth Warren

The subcommittee on financial institutions will seek to amend the rules in order to focus loans and capital on its priorities and to penalise the granting of loans to companies using fossil fuels.

Ron Wyden,

which will lead the tax financing commission, wants to tax the capital gains annually, even if they have not been sold. The judicial committee will turn to Dick Durbin, who has resigned from his position.

Diane Feinstein.

will focus on conservative associations and think tanks for political attacks.

Congress only needs a simple majority to overturn the rules of Trump policy under the Congressional Review Act. Say goodbye to the new rule to speed up the environmental assessment of public works. Senate with 50 votes (with the deputy chairperson)

Kamala Harris.

Breaking the Tie) also guarantees a huge tax increase, as the current rules allow a simple majority to push through the budget.

This probably means an increase in the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent, as well as higher rates for private individuals, capital gains and dividends. The Democrats will need money to finance the billions of dollars of extra spending they want. In the dynamic financial markets, this possibility does not seem to be ruled out, and the tax increase will certainly be retroactive to 1 January. January 2021. Forget about the extension of the temporary provisions of the 2017 tax reform.

Some of our friends think that the Democrats have failed to break through sixty years of legislative filibustering with only fifty votes. Your confidence floats above West Virginia.

Joe Manchin,

who says he supports obstruction. But imagine the political and media pressure previously exerted on Mr. Manchin if the Republicans used obstruction to

Joe Biden’s house

Agenda. He was always a loyal party man when it really mattered.

If there is still obstruction, Biden will have to compromise to get GOP votes on the infrastructure bill, new ObamaCare grants or repeal of Section 230 on technology liability. The public health option is probably out of reach, as is much of the climate agenda.

But when the filibuster disappears, the bipartite straps also disappear. The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico could become states with four new Senate seats to consolidate democratic majorities. M. Biden’s aggressive union program offers opportunities, including overtime mandates and lighter deductions. In addition to the national collection of ballots and absenteeism, the ban on arbitration in commercial contracts, the control of the prices of medicines, huge subsidies for green energy and perhaps a carbon tax. We can keep going.

Nancy Pelosi.

A smaller majority in the House of Representatives could limit a number of them. But in 2010, at the ObamaCare conference, she proved that she was willing to sacrifice successive members of the district to set progressive priorities. She also suggested that this would be her last term as a speaker, which means she would be more concerned about her legislative legacy than the House would be in 2022.

These are all matters that the candidates in Georgia need to discuss. But President Trump sharpened the effort with his allegations of election fraud in November and his demand for $2,000 in Covid vouchers. The irony is that if Democrats take control of the Senate, Trump will make it easier for Biden and Pelosi to undo the president’s profits. The consequences will be felt far into the future.

Potomac Watch: Republicans should win fifth place. take January or their Senate majority for granted. Photo: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

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