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This week’s tidal wave of graces and subsidies is widely condemned, and many of them seem to be undeserved, or worse. But critics would be more credible if they tried to understand why tens of millions of Americans see it as a black hole.

Andrew Weissmann

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Mr. Weissmann is a former deputy special advisor.

Robert Mueller

about the Russian collusion investigation. He is a partisan Democrat who, even now on MSNBC, suggests that Mr. He has impeded the law in an investigation that has never found evidence of collusion. For two years, he and his fellow attorneys used all the resources of the federal government to prove a case that didn’t exist.

Instead, they accused those in Trump’s orbit of crimes that had nothing to do with their primary target. They tracked down

Paul Manafort

under the Alien Lobbying Act, which is rarely enforced, and then finds evidence of tax evasion. They forced

George Papadopoulos


Alex van der Zwaan

in the misrepresentation of a single misrepresentation.

Roger stone

was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation.

Mr. Manafort’s tax crimes are serious crimes, and the jury saw them that way. He and Mr. Stone, both former business associates, have long been political villains like Mr. Trump. But there is no doubt that they were not the target of their specific offenses, but that they were associated with Mr Trump. The prosecutors chose Mr. Trump to bet – many of them are still in the game, and they were happy to catch others in the hope of obtaining evidence against the president.

However, the perpetrators had nothing to offer except what the prosecutors had reported from other sources. It was inevitable that Mr. Trump would forgive these former employees before he left his post. If the good and the people simply want to avoid political forgiveness, they should be more critical of political persecution.

These points do not apply to the pardon of former members of the GOP Convention Duncan Hunter and

Chris Collins.

Both men admitted to violating the public’s trust and deserved at best a reduced punishment, not a reversal.

The pardon of four Blackwater employees convicted of killing civilians in Iraq is also difficult to justify. It reminds us of Mr. Trump’s earlier intervention to save the Trident pin for Navy Seal Team leader Eddie Gallagher, whose colleagues refused to defend his behavior. These decisions show a lack of respect for American soldiers who have to be disciplined on the battlefield under great pressure.

However, the most common pardon from Washington’s political class is related to the Mueller-Weissman study. And to those who might consider their own complicity. The saga of Russian collusion has damaged American confidence in government institutions far more than its supporters admit. Their refusal to acknowledge the damage caused and their own role in these events fuels a cynicism that Mr Trump is only too happy to exploit.

Potomac Watch: With the publication of the Rod Rosenstein memo and the dropping of the case against Michael Flynn by the Justice Department, Robert Mueller was put in the spotlight. Photo: Getty Images Composite : Mark Kelly

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Published in the printed edition of 26. December 2020.

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