Golden State Warriors’ star goaltender Stephen Curry is confident that he can maintain the momentum he found in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 129-128 and get rid of the rust after not being able to play in the past nine months.

Curry, who shot an unusual 9-for-35 across the arch to start the season, still managed to score 13 of his 36 points in the fourth quarter, sinking two of his three attempts at distance.


I’ve missed a lot of those who are open and who…. I hope it doesn’t stay that way, Curry said after the game. But others are just trying to find my rhythm. There’s no excuse, just for what I take of myself and the pictures I take, I always think about what I’m going to do. I don’t think that… maybe there’s one or two I’d call a bad chance. With the others, I was confident that I could do it. And it’s all about sticking to the program.

Curry played just five games last season after missing most of the year due to a broken left arm, but he refused to use his lack of playing time as an excuse for a slow start.

You can talk about how many games I’ve played in a calendar year, but I think I can get rid of it pretty quickly, he said. It’s just a mentality that was reversed in the fourth quarter and I hope they take advantage of that momentum for the next game. The last thing you can do is stop shooting, no matter how frustrating it is for you.

Like Kerry, Warriors coach Steve Kerr also believes that the 32-year-old will be ready to go and win the third game after last Sunday’s victory over Kerry’s brother-in-law Damion Lee.

I thought Steph had found something in the fourth game, Kerr said. He was a little irritated, but it was natural. It’s a whole new team for Steph.

Using Kerry’s fight as a comparison, Kerr also noted that he believes the new crook Kelly Oubre Jr. will soon be out of the shooting. Oubre, acquired pre-season to make up for the loss of Klay Thompson, has now moved over the arch to 0 for 17 to start the season.

I always find it difficult to integrate a new team, Mr. Kerr said. So, Kelly’s shooting isn’t so surprising right now. I know how this is going to happen. Every time I joined a new team in my career, it was very, very difficult to be happy with my movements in the beginning. And I think Steph’s going through the same thing now because he’s not sure where the shots came from. Just because of the difference in staff…. Steph isn’t used to the same patterns we’ve known for years, but I think we’re starting to understand some of them.

So far, both Kerr and Kerry have acknowledged how different the Warriors’ offensive is from previous years. Kerr said he simplified some of the sets the Warriors used while getting a better idea of his new look.

Quite different, Mr Curry. Mainly because of personal differences, which is fine now. You learn and you grow, so I think you have to be honest with yourself. For the first two games or so, it was terrible and messy. Even with the shots coming through, I think we should have done what we did from the last game until tonight. We leave that aside and just work on the details and the little things in our sets and try to make plans. As we continue to grow from week to week, we can… I think we had a little more confidence that it would continue to grow.

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