The future of DC’s film world lies, at least in part, with HBO Max. It appears that DC Films will develop in the coming years, and not only in the field of feature films. In addition to films such as Batman scheduled for theatrical release, Warner Bros. also prepares several projects that will be broadcast exclusively on the streaming service, with Batman and Static Shock among the first candidates.

According to a new interview with Walter Hamada, director of DC Films, Batgirl and Static Shock, developed by Warner Bros., are the most lucrative HBO Max releases possible. The report notes that the exclusive characters of HBO Max are likely to be reserved for riskier characters. This does not mean that there are alleged quality problems. But it’s not the A-list characters like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman that have worldwide recognition. It also means that these films will probably have a relatively small budget, because they won’t make any money at the box office.

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Batgirl has been in development for a couple of years, but hasn’t really found a following yet. Joss Whedon has already been commissioned to write and direct the adaptation. The director of the Avengers left the project after the Justice League had restarted. Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey) took over the script after Whedon left the series.

Static shock is a more recent development. The film was first shown as part of a virtual summer event at the DC FanDome. Michal B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) agreed to the production of the project. We still don’t know who the director is or who could become one.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that DC becomes a priority for WarnerMedia as a whole. The report notes that in addition to these streaming releases, up to four DC films a year will be released in cinemas from 2022 onwards. This means that up to six new DC films can be released in a year, if all goes well. This is a significant increase in recent years. This is in addition to the spinoff programmes produced for HBO Max, which will be linked to upcoming films. There are shows for Batman, like Gotham City Police. James Gunn also shoots Peacemaker, who next year will be in the same universe as Suicide Squad.

The idea is to use the studio’s most attractive features to attract HBO Max subscribers. As part of this strategy, WarnerMedia plans to release the entire film in cinemas and at HBO Max in the United States in 2021, motivated by the current lack of activity in cinemas where many cinemas around the world are closed. We will keep you informed as more information about these projects becomes available. This news is coming to us through The New York Times.

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