Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Is Ubisoft planning to enter the scary world of Star Wars? (Photo: Lucasfilm)

Job postings at Ubisoft indicate that the new Star Wars game will be relatively similar to The Division, with more blasters than lightsabers.

Who needs E3 or other special events in the preview when video game companies are always ready to deliver all their secrets with job offers? This is a particularly common practice now affecting more than Ubisoft’s new Star Wars game.

Virtually nothing was said about this new unnamed title when it was announced recently, except that it’s open world and the same team as Division 2.

However, vacancies on the Massive developer’s website indicate that the new game will be relatively similar to the previous title. Massive is looking for people with experience in RPGs and action adventure games, as well as proven experience with progression and balancing systems.

The term progression systems is relatively vague, but in the context of Division 2, it could very well mean that a Star Wars match would look like a service game.

Perhaps most notable is the ad for a senior game designer, which shows a character with experience working with enemy AI and non-player characters in a shooting game or action adventure.

None of the ads mention hand to hand combat, which seems to indicate that the Jedi are not the focus of attention, which would only add to the rumors that the game is based on the Mandalorian – or some similar scenario.

In general, there are three main styles of storylines in Star Wars: those revolving around the Jedi, the military, and the criminal element of the galaxy.

The Fallen Order concerns the Jedi, while the battlefield and squadrons cover the military side, but so far bounty hunters, smugglers or other scum and villains have had little to do with it.

Many people ask for it, but it never happens. The Star Wars 1313 team is scattered and the code is eight years old. It’s much more likely that Lucasfilm will launch a number of new Star Wars games, including perhaps even one on the bounty hunter

– Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) January 12, 2021

Given the success of Mandalorian, the chances of the next Star Wars game serving as inspiration already seemed high, but respected rumor-monger Jason Schrier also hinted that the next game would feature bounty hunters.

The job description for the senior writer position also talks about writing narrative elements to anchor a reality-based story with existing intellectual property [i.e. Star Wars], which also suggests a relatively serious tone and theme.

Compared to some of the job offers, these descriptions still don’t give much (we still can’t believe Bungie revealed this much about their next secret game after Destiny), but it’s clear that Massive isn’t working on The Further Adventures Of Jar Jar Binks.

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And to illustrate how trivial these things are, Sucker Punch also posted new jobs this week, again hinting that he’s working on Ghost of Tsushima 2.

It’s pretty simple for now, but a commercial specifically asks people who have played Ghost of Tsushima to understand its basic combat systems.

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