To everyone who asked: I won’t be at the opening on the 20th. In January, Trump tweeted through his official account, which no longer exists.

Many people in the White House heard the president’s thoughts on this important and historic issue for the first time – including his wife, according to a White House aide.

Prior to this tweet, Melania Trump was not 100% sure if she would go to Biden’s inauguration, according to a White House official.

This is not the first time she has found out what he is doing, as he tweeted it before telling her, the source said, downplaying the fact that the first lady also gets news of his schedule depending on Mr Trump’s vote that day.

The staff, as well as many others, made it clear on Twitter that the event did not elicit any sympathy for the first lady.

She’s one of them. She may be quiet, but she is part of it, the source said.

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These are the president’s recent activities, denial of his loss, complicity in inciting his supporters to lies and conspiracy theories, and contemptuous denial of his official role. The outgoing first lady did nothing of significance as her weeks in office were about to come to a close. She has not set up an office to continue her platform after the White House, according to a source familiar with her activities. She also has not helped verify the identity of new first lady Jill Biden, who has not yet contacted her, the source said.

All Trump has done, besides packing up the White House, working on photo albums from his time as first lady, and overseeing photo shoots on carpets and decorations, is make a lengthy statement about the events of last Wednesday, five days after they occurred.

There has never been a more stubborn and provocative first lady than Melania Trump, says Kate Andersen Brower, author of First Women : The grace and power of America’s modern first ladies. I think she’s digging. I think she has channeled her husband’s anger and clearly has no interest in playing the traditional role of First Lady, trying to unite and pacify the country in times of crisis.

Instead, she stood beside the president, which she had not always done during the turmoil. In her statement Monday morning, Mrs. Trump did not mention her husband’s name or suggest that he should be held responsible for the uprising.

Instead, it seems to have moved parts of old statements and speeches to the new one, portraying itself in one paragraph as a victim of ongoing criticism from a former staff member. Trump’s non-conformist nature has sometimes piqued the public’s curiosity about how much they agree with the president, especially when he is criticized. His handshakes, steely glances, and frequent expressions of independence allowed for criticism from a man who may not have been like him or even loved him, to find himself in a possible scenario.

But if the last few weeks have proven anything, it’s that she’s more in tune with the president than most people think.

She understands her husband and what he stands for, and she doesn’t pay attention, Brother said. She is not a victim and she will not leave the White House to excuse her husband’s behavior.

Trump is not sad to leave.

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While the president has publicly opposed the election, claiming it was rigged and clinging to false hopes of staying in the White House, his wife has packed her bags to move, according to multiple sources who have been tracking Trump’s activities since late November.

The First Lady is now more than halfway through the move, either to Mar-a-Lago or to a warehouse, as she oversees the move step by step for a few weeks. Residency staff, in a semi-clandestine operation, had to help facilitate the logistics of packing without incurring the wrath of a president who sincerely believed he would stay put.

Residential staff continue to perform their duties, often through multiple jurisdictions. It doesn’t matter who the president is, all that matters is that he represents the American presidency.

These are the most patriotic people I’ve ever met, said Brower, whose first book was The Residency: A look into the private world of the White House. They kept moving, but they had to do some undercover work because they didn’t want to piss off the (President) Trump.

Melania Trump’s determination to pack her bags and be ready to go is also an indication of her desire to put an end to Washington and its last four years of dramatic ups and downs.

(Melania Trump) is not sad to be leaving, said a White House official familiar with Trump’s vote.

In this she differs from her husband – he is determined to stay, she is not afraid to leave.

Pat Nixon is the last example I can think of of of a first lady who is very similar to Melania Trump, Brower said, but perhaps only in the circumstances, not in the action.

While Watergate was raging, Pat Nixon spent much time alone in his room in the residence. Butlers brought her breakfast and often she only drank coffee. According to the author, those around her were concerned about her health, as it was clear that Watergate was taking its toll and she was losing weight.

Hunchbacked Tradition

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Those who have attended Trump in the past two weeks have not noticed a change in behavior toward isolation and sadness. In fact, it was Trump’s lack of emotional connection to the horrific riots unfolding live on television and her unwillingness to respond immediately or to denounce the violence in real time that prompted two of her most senior aides to resign immediately, the sources said.

Normally, the president’s first lady publicly comes to his side for one term. President Ford did not serve a full term, and Betty Ford essentially stepped in to read Carter his dealer letter when he lost in 1976, Brower said.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Blair House, the historic official White House guest house where several presidents (including Trump) stayed before being sworn in, will also house Biden. CNN had previously reported that Biden, without having received an invitation from the president and first lady Blair House, plans to stay at a hotel the day before the inauguration.

But the invitation was not sent at Melania Trump’s insistence.

She had nothing to do with this, the employee said. While the invitation was read by the White House, it was issued by the State Department, whose Office of the Chief of Protocol oversees the Blair House office.


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