The former mayor of New York crosses the country with criticism and unsubstantiated claims that the Democrats stole the elections, often ignoring the masks and protocols of social detachment proposed by their own government. After he learned that Giuliani is at Georgetown University Hospital, his son Andrew, who works at the White House, twittered that his father was resting and feeling good.

Trump took his fantastic election fraud to new heights at a tacit meeting of the two Senate candidates in the Republican runoff election Saturday night, where he falsely claimed most of his time that he had actually defeated Biden and predicted that the election result would be invalidated.

The president complained of lies, fraud, looting, and election theft, claiming he had won clear battlefield victories in several states, losing the elected president completely.

Georgian Republican Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Duncan warned Sunday that the mountains of misinformation from the president would make the AGO voters the runners-up in the fifth round of parliamentary elections in Georgia. It would be difficult to convince those who are going to decide which party controls the U.S. Senate, is also being manipulated and is not worth voting for.

I’m afraid these constant flames of disinformation will put us in a negative position regarding the second round of the fifth ballot. In January, Duncan spoke to CNN Jake Tapper about the State of the Union.

In a debate against his opponent, Democratic Reverend Rafael Varnok, Georgian Republican Senator Kelly Lawffler, repeatedly refused on Sunday evening to say whether the presidential election had been rigged: It is clear that these elections have caused problems.

In another Georgian Senate race, Republican Senator David Purdue refused to participate in the debate with his Democratic opponent John Ossow. If the Democrats vote on number five… If they take both seats on January 1, they can pass a 50-50 bill in the Senate, and Kamala Harris, the elected Vice President, will vote for them. Republicans only need one seat to maintain a majority in the Senate, allowing them to block Biden’s legislative agenda and maintain his candidacy.

The president’s determination to focus on his personal grievances rather than the days he is still in office has also largely sidelined him in the light of the big week on Capitol Hill. A group of impartial senators is about to approve a new, long-winded rescue plan for Kovid 19, which provides support for the unemployed but does not include new individual incentives. Negotiations are taking place as legislators approach the end of a week to agree on a substantial cost package to complete the government closure.

Trump’s last days in power promise to be as chaotic as his first. Following recent signs of riots, sources reported on Sunday that Attorney General William Barr, who angered the president by denying his allegations of massive electoral fraud, plans to leave the administration early. The New York Times first wrote about this story.

Trump makes an unusual move in an attempt to steal Georgia Biden won

Trump’s consistent statements that the elections were rigged, repeatedly rejected by the courts, are intolerable for American democracy and convince many of its supporters that Biden is an illegitimate president and that the elections – the basis of the political system – are corrupt.

On Saturday, President Brian Kemp gave a hand to the Georgian government. This is an extraordinary example of how, in an attempt to overturn the results of the referendum, the U.S. President called on his fellow Republican to convene a special session and tell state legislators to overturn Biden’s victory in that state.

Georgian Republican election official Gabriel Sterling said Trump’s behavior was dangerous. The President’s statements are false. That’s misinformation. They arouse anger and fear in his disciples – and hell, I voted for him.

It undermines democracy, Sterling said to NBC.

While Trump continues his crusade for lies and denies the reality that he will leave the White House next month, he also shows that he is not interested in helping alleviate the worst internal crisis since World War II.

Eminent members of his own government and external medical experts warn of a terrible wave of Covida-19 infections and deaths in the coming weeks, with hospitals dangerously overcrowded.

This is the worst event this country will ever face, and not just from a public health perspective, said Dr. Deborah Birks, who serves on the White House working group on coronaviruses. She complained that the governors and mayors on the other side of the sunbed refuse to take preventive measures that have proven effective because the virus is raging without verification. And it was about the behavior of the president and the people around him – at events like political gatherings, celebrations, and the use of disrespectful masks, it was much worse.

I hear parishioners come back to these situations, that the masks don’t work, that we have to work on herd immunity, that the meeting doesn’t lead to an overlap of events, said Birks, also in an interview with Meet the Press. I think it’s our job to keep saying that these are myths, that they’re false, and that you can see the evidence base.

Fear of vaccine stocks

At the beginning of this week there are two other encouraging developments on the horizon, a medical one and an economic one.

Moncef Slowy, who heads Operation Warp Speed, a government vaccine, said he hoped the Food and Drug Administration would allow emergency use of the first vaccine this week.

However, he admitted that the delays in production meant that his hopes of having several hundred million doses of vaccine available by the end of the year did not materialise. Approximately 40 million vaccines – enough to vaccinate 20 million people, as Pfizer is administered in two doses – will be available by the end of the month.

This has turned out to be a little more complicated and difficult than we had expected, Mr Slowy said about the situation in the Union. We are probably six to eight weeks later than the ideal case in which we had 100 million doses by the end of this year. But we’re not far away. And we’re going to work very hard.

President-elect Biden, who unlike Trump has shown leadership in a worsening crisis and who, in an interview with CNN last week, called on all Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days of his term after his inauguration in January, is also beginning to reap praise.

I think it’s a good idea. It’s never too late, Mr. Slowy said. We’ve got the vaccine. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. But we won’t have the vaccine on hand until May or June. So we have to be very careful and vigilant.

The president also refuses to make any significant contribution to efforts to break the deadlock on Capitol Hill with a new rescue plan for the coronavirus, part of which is aimed at restoring lapsed long-term unemployment benefits and preventing the economy from falling to the brink of depression.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, one of a group of non-partisan senators working on a compromise, said Tapper, who said a deal could be made as early as Monday.

I think we’re done with the frontline numbers. We’re working on the language now, so we can have the law tomorrow, he said.

Mr. Warner outlined a four-month contingency plan costing $908 billion. It remains to be seen whether Congress will adopt a bill such as the Republican-Democratic Leadership Negotiations on which part of the stimulus package should be included in a separate massive financing mechanism to keep policies open.

Covyd’s aid offer, Warner said, included targeted help for the unemployed, food insecurities, tenants, small businesses that ran out of money (wage protection program) and additional funding for minority businesses, which were the most affected.

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