The NBA hasn’t made a deal in almost nine months! Do you have any cocktails? Let’s take a look at the broader themes that will determine the wilderness in the coming month and perhaps even in the coming years. How can there be a pandemic in low season when almost every team tries to win by limiting the number of suppliers?

Jiannis dominos

– Many people in Bax are convinced that Giannis Antetokunmpo will sign a five-year extension of the Supermax, worth between $220 and $250 million (depending on the limit), until the start of the regular season 2020-21. Unless something drastic changes, Milwaukee won’t sell. If Antetocunmpo doesn’t draw, Bax is ready to play according to some sources.

In the margin, it is interesting to note that Bax is disadvantaged by the fact that Antetokunmpo is not allowed to sign the same contract during the season. A large subgroup of players can draw extensions during the season (for players under the supermax).

Antetokunmpo already meets the Supermax criteria, so there is no need to wait and see if it fits into the relevant benchmarks.

What if Bax starts the 30-5 and Antetoccunpo wants to sign up?

Again: What if Bax disappoints in the playoffs? This is one of the objectives of the rule: to give players at the Supermax level as much information as possible before they make a decision. The competition is also wary of the Supermax, which floats throughout the season – superstars are asked whether each victory and each loss affects their thinking.

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Either way, Bax will be active. They love Bogdan Bogdanovic, a limited free agent of the Sacramento kings who would demand a sign and a trade; the Baxes have bypassed scenarios in which they also take control of Harrison Barnes, according to sources at ESPN. It is not certain that they involved the kings in real discussions; it is still too early. (The purchase of a player in the Sign and Deal results in a helmet).

Bax also observes Victor Oladipo of Indiana, although according to some sources there were no significant negotiations with Paceerson. Other groups are monitoring the situation in Oladipo, but some of them would like to see Oladipo in action before contacting Indiana, according to some sources.

Oladipo struggles with a leg injury in January 2019, but he is only 28 years and two years away from the end of the All-NBA season with a contract that expires and could lower his bargaining value. If you don’t give up too much now, firing Oladipo after the season (at worst) won’t kill you. Once Oladipo has returned to 90 percent of his optimal form, each team acting on his behalf will have one foot in the door if it has resigned (or prolonged its bloom).

According to some sources, the New York Knicks were interested in Oladipo in the past, but they may have gone into standby and play mode. Oladipo would be an interesting addition as Brooklyn’s third star, although I would be surprised if Brooklyn worked with Caris LeVert for him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Oladipo and Paceurs returned to the overtime table. (Oladipo can sign an extension at any time of the season.) Indiana can offer him a four-year contract starting at $25 million a season. I’m not sure the Pacers will choose this song, but given Oladipo’s recent game – and the fact that some potential fans, including Miami Heat, are likely to withdraw – it would be wise to think about securing something.

– The big question is what Milwaukee has to offer for the Oladipo (or Jrue Holiday) – something like Eric Bledzo, Donte DiVincenzo, the filling salary, and an extra choice for the first round (or two), which will be small if Antetokounmpo stays. Bledsoe’s business value has fallen. The Pacers may not be in a hurry to get Malcolm Brogdon/Bladsow’s backyard together, but should Milwaukee make a deal with all three teams by sending Bladsow elsewhere?

Dollars can sweeten the pot by selling slightly protected novices – picks that can become valuable (dangerous from Milwaukee’s perspective) when the antetoccunmpo disappears.

– So far, according to many sources, there has been no connection – and perhaps no negotiation – with a deal that Chris Paul sent from Thunder or Oklahoma City to Bucks.

– I don’t know what Antetokunmpo will do, but I bet he won’t sign a Supermax out of season. However, as I told Bill Simmons in the low-bandwidth podcast last month, the blockade is worth $220 million to $250 million. The rival will be able to offer Antetokunmpo a four-year contract worth between $140 and $160 million. Antetocunmpo would make up for this difference in his next agreement – but not everything. The economic outlook is uncertain. Antetocunmpo can now sign at any time and ask for a conclusion after a year of waiting.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The Giannis Antetokunmpo solution is the key to the off-season for several Garrett Ellwood/NBAE teams at Getty Images.

The Antetocunmpo course will now influence the behaviour of the best potential fans in 2021 – in Miami, Dallas and Toronto – next month. Toronto seems quite open and closed, suggesting that Masai Ujiri thinks the team is too good to split up. (I’d bet on the Raptors, despite a certain aging. Each team following the antetokunmpo must also submit a list of winners).

You can leave Fred VanVlet, leave Serge Ibaka in a ball for a year and have plenty of room in the next off-season, depending on how OG Anunoby (who goes in overtime) and how Norman Powell approaches his option with a $11.6 million player. They wouldn’t have had enough room to fit in Antetoccunmpo, but it would have been an easy step.

– New York and Detroit naturally fit into VanVleet, but their interest in the 20 million dollars a year for the VanVleet mega peat moss is unclear. Detroit has wired other crews who prefer to work as dumping grounds for unwanted wages, which, according to some sources, are piling up.

The information from the Knicks is pretty sketchy. Sources say they’ve predicted the same patience in some conversations, but their definition of unwanted pay may differ from Detroit’s – meaning they may need players who can help their team in 2020-21 without jeopardizing the future cap room. As far as the biggest names are concerned, it can be as easy as New York City to go from the dumping mode to the talent acquisition mode, only for a small group of players who have not reached a certain age limit and are available for the right price.

Does VanVit thread this needle? He’s only 26, and he’s really good. Atlanta is armed with the vast expanse of the hat, the veteran hunt and the defense around Trey Young. Van Vliet has a lot of experience in the ball game. But will the Toronto Hawks kill?

– Miami is interested in the dismissal of Goran Dragica and Jae-Crowder, but Heat will do nothing to jeopardize their chances at the Antetokunmpo. (For example, Bam Adebayo could be asked to wait until the next off-season to sign his new contract – a way to maximize the space in the hat for Antetokounmpo. Adebayo and Antetokounmpo share an agent, Alex Saracis the Octagon. It’s a complicated thing, but I think everyone will tell us what to communicate).

Dragica seems like a good candidate for a big one-year contract. Crowder will withdraw for about $9.3 million in bids for several years without the average, and Miami is expected to keep him on that track. It limits their space, but Heat is an expert in producing when they need it.

– A pair of Luca Donsik-Antetokunmpo would be a nightmare for the other 29 teams. Is Antetoccunmpo ready to give up the undisputed face of the franchise and the role of playmaker – to be a little bigger than Anthony Davis and a little smaller than LeBron? Not many people know that. But outsiders must have room to play the game, and there must be room for multiple players if they need to open more.

Other teams report that the Mavs are already pursuing this elusive third star in trade negotiations. I’m sure that’s true in some ways. Buy a very good player now, and you can exchange him – or Kristaps Porzingis – for Antetokounmpo in low season, when Antetokounmpo chooses Dallas. But I’m sceptical that Mavis will now, through commerce, find someone who fits that description.

– Several competing executives have chosen Mavs as a trading post for Rudi Robert, who qualifies for Supermax. I know what I think – the midfield to stabilize the shaky Dallas defense – but I can’t do it. The allocation of 65 million dollars, in combination with Robert and Porzing, when the latter has to play a good song in the middle, is not optimal.

Suppose the mice got Robert and then needed the money to buy Antetokunmpo with the shield and the trade. Do the recovering Baxes need Robert? They would certainly prefer Porzingis, but then Dallas will have to figure out how Antetokunmpo and Robert fit together – or find him a third team. (It is also questionable whether Dallas has many things that Utah would like to have).

– Does Oladipo work for Dallas, a player who can help Mavis this year without sacrificing his captorship? Dallas has the number 18 choices and all these types of role-playing games very useful on friendly contracts.

– You can make funny offers to Robert with Boston (Markus Smart, Robert Williams III and picks), Atlanta, Sacramento, Washington, Brooklyn and even the LA Clippers (with Ivica Zubac in Utah), but I’m not sure they are very realistic. First, Utah will need a good starting point or risk of a defensive explosion. Several teams are worried about Robert’s next deal.

The simplest result – Utah and Robert find a delightful compromise between Robert’s current salary and a Supermax – perhaps a four-year deal with $135 million in bonuses. Robert’s 28, so this company’s thriving.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Will Bradley Beale be the best actor in the field? That could be his decision. Patrick Smith/Getty Pictures

Long range monitoring

– Teams looking for a good result are faced with a choice: Buy Holiday or Oladipo now or wait for Bradley Beale and risk losing to them all.

Sources report that the Wizards have no need to trade with Beal, and that they can only do so if Beal – under contract, at least until 2021-22 – indicates that he prefers to play elsewhere. Could this happen in time for the end of the trade if the witches are bad again?

The rivals won’t give up making Bill available sooner. A number of strong play-off teams called the top ten teams in the team and looked at what the selection would cost, according to the sources. Do these teams like some perspective? Or are they looking for bulk ammunition?

The call to the characters of Holiday and Beal was to focus on Denver, Golden State and Brooklyn – and to some extent Atlanta, Miami and Dallas. The Hawks might try to steal Holiday with their choice of number 6 – which they want to trade in for help from veterans from different sources – but I don’t see that happening alone. Could they have attached one of their young wings?

I would be very surprised if Heat Tyler would involve Herro in a company during the holidays, and without Herro they wouldn’t have enough. I don’t see any company in Dallas that would cost New Orleans unless the interest is generally cold, in which case the pelicans could save the lot.

They love the holidays. They mean it when they say they want to give their young columns a playoff experience, and Holiday helps them with that.

But he’s also 30 years old, with a contract that may expire after this season. The party could generate a lot of money for the pelicans or another team that could trade it for her.

He’d be perfect in Denver as an upgrade from Gary Harris, but given Harris’ game over the past two seasons, I’m not sure Denver will be enough if the Nuggets aren’t Michael Porter Jr. …which I doubt.

From Monday to Friday, ESPN presenter Pablo Torre brings the most interesting stories from the world’s best reporters and insiders. Listen

On paper Holiday is more comfortable than LeVert around Kevin Durant and Kyria Irving. He’s an elite defender who doesn’t need the ball. But the alleged hole in the filming of Holiday may not exist. Vacation is the career of a 35.4% low ranking shooter and is about the same for catching and shooting in four of the last five seasons.

LeWert has made 33.9% progress in his career and, strangely enough, all three are much more promising than the last two seasons of wrestling and shooting. That sounds frivolous, maybe even reassuring. His jumping glasses could enable Durant and Irving to save their legs during the regular season as they get older.

Durant publicly praised Liver and Holiday. The networks should steer another major player in the war and minimize their fiscal impact.

It’s not an easy decision. But the resorts are approaching this season with some urgency, and my bet – my very cautious bet – would be to include the famous LeVert main gun as a central element of their holiday offer.

(The question is asked less often: Is LeVert suitable for Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram? Does New Orleans trust its history of trauma? Unless pelicans like Spencer Dinviddi or Jarrett Allen – and they have a player like Jackson Hayes – the Nets will have a hard time filling the paving stones with a holiday package that doesn’t include LeVert).

When the nets come out, the door will open again for potential Denver residents built around Harris, Bol and future first-round monsters with limited protection.

– With the purchase of Holiday, it will be difficult for Denver to give up two or three Jerami grants (sources indicate that the Cap Room teams are interested), Paul Millsap and Mason Plumley without breaking into the luxury tax.

In the meantime, the nuggets can surpass the most realistic offers for Beal if they contain Porter. It’s a cruel choice. Porter has flaws, and he brought red flags, but 0 guys who shoot with flashlights – with defenders in their faces – are incredibly rare. Porter’s 22… … …five years younger than Bill. Including him, the nuggets would wisely try to get a guarantee from Bill that he’ll stay long.

Project start

– It is rare for teams to achieve a top score of 1 and 2 at different stages of victory. Both the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves have, according to some sources, explored the possibility of trading with all NBA stars, but it is (still) unlikely that such an agreement will be reached. According to some sources, magicians have shown no interest in swapping Beal for one of the basic elements. The same goes for Phoenix with Devin Booker and Philadelphia with Ben Simmons. Again: If Bill gives Washington his hand, there’s no reason to sneeze on the first choice. Players who play at a lower level are probably not worth the first two places.

– Does this have anything to do with the potential holiday wishes of the Golden State? I don’t see the Warriors giving up this choice – a precious opportunity for a dynasty team to find a bridge to the next era – for a 30-year-old who has never been part of the All-NBA team. Maybe I’m wrong. Will New Orleans take his choice of 13 as a sweetener? Ah.

Then you are faced with the problem of the exceptions for Warriors’ holidays (which are often overpaid), which amount to 17.2 million dollars. Clever people – including John Hollinger of The Athletic – have made deals where Gold State sends peak #2 and its slightly protected 2021 peak of the Wolves to New Orleans with Andrew Wiggins to bring Holiday (and maybe J.J. Radick) back, but a deal this size gets dirty. And also: Is Wiggins a match for Ingram and Williamson?

– Jarrett Culver’s name is on the gossip magazine, and the best I can read is that wolves with Culver will now exchange only one star in a blockbuster – or a tall drawing that will help buy that star. I also expect Minnesota to act by combining Election 17 – via Brooklyn – with James Johnson’s expiring contract. Is Volkov involved in the relationship with Danilo Gallinari? I think Thunderbolt will do better, but number 17 is a good asset.

– Depending on whether Minnesota or Golden State wants some perspective, the next logical step is to act. This puts Charlotte Horns in the spotlight, sitting in room three, with a clear need for a great man.

The hornets have speculated that the Golden State will be destroyed in the second half of the year. The stick reaches out to James the Wise. It seems that Minnesota is able to make Charlotte pay – something like number 3, Miles Bridges, and at least one future lightly defended first-round pickup running over number 1. For designs with undifferentiated leaders, the difference in values between 1 and 3 is enormous.

It’s not that kind of design. I’m not sure Charlotte’s hunger for Wiseman is strong enough to pay the price that Minnesota (or Golden State) might ask. Hornets might fit Onega Okongwu. You can also trade them in for a veteran like Al Horford or someone (Miles Turner?) who better suits their time.

The design of the NBA comes out on the 18th. November on ESPN! Get ready for La Melo Ball, Anthony Edwards and the next wave of NBA talents.

– Order in the top 100 of version
– version
– full order of version
– NBA version

Charlotte can transfer over $50 million for the 2021 season. It’s a recipe for making bad choices. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to use some of them now preventively in retail, and perhaps expand for Devonte’ Graham.

But if Minnesota doesn’t have a strong preference – or prefers LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards Wiseman – it’s still worth getting something out of Charlotte, even if it’s not a full flight.

– The Golden State will be in a fascinating place. The warriors have this great commercial exception, and they owe it to Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Dramond Green to renew with the veterans.

It is difficult to find a reverse exchange scenario in which a veteran helps and collects the corresponding value for the choice of number 2. A potential bundle of Knicks 8, Kevin Knox II and two first-round Dallas players may not work and may not leave enough trading exceptions for another quality player. (New York hesitates to talk about R.D. Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, according to some sources).

The Pistons may have given Luke Kennard, the No. 7, and a slightly protected 2021, but that doesn’t give the Warriors much of their current value. Do Sweetie Michaeluk’s pitches – of an average season – draw the attention of the Golden State? Probably not enough.

I was fascinated by the idea that the Chicago Bulls had made a deal with Laurie Markkkanen or Wendell Carter Jr. to trade places 2-4 with the Golden State, but I hadn’t heard much about such a deal. It’s probably good to sit in room 4 in Chicago and see who falls. They want Markkanen and Carter to grow under Billy Donovan.

I’ve been thinking about the idea that the Golden State will send to Sacramento the number 2 for the number 12, Nemanja Belitsa, Richaun Holmes and the 5 future boss-kings, but the general opinion of the leaders of the whole league is that the Golden State will consider it a cheap sale. I understand that, even if Belika and Holmes were to help us now. But both chords expire and the average advantage of the combination of the number 12 and the future peak that lands around the number 8 is not that high.

Bigger deals can be made by combining No. 2 and Wiggins with (among others) Orlando (No. 15) and Cleveland (No. 5), but throwing away so many pay slips becomes cumbersome – especially since the Gold State is on the waiting list for a billion in luxury taxes. (Not for nothing Gold State officials, during a recent league conference call, asked whether it was possible to safely house high-paid fans in luxury suites, according to some sources. They are far from the only team asking such questions).

If the Gold State can’t find the best trade in the world – or if the Warriors are like someone in Room 2 – they can make their choice and later see how to fill the trade exemption. As the expiration date of the trade approaches, they can return to what the big-name veterans can get, with a combination of these warriors in number 2, which Minnesota selects and chooses other players or.


– The East is pretty good, which means Orlando Magic can’t count on this group coming back and going to the junior brown ribbon in the 7/8 playoffs – which can only be No. 8 unless one of Milwaukee, Miami, Boston, Toronto, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Indiana is disappointing.

As usual, it was difficult for the teams who spoke with magic to understand their intentions. The bet is that they have no objection to Evan Fournier choosing and playing the last year of his contract. If that’s the case, they need to find out what they can get for him in the trade.

After the victory of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Championship, the debate about who is the biggest has been revived: Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

– Lowe: The GOAT debate is now different from the
debate – Are four LBJ titles better than six MJ?
– How LeBron brings a GM to the top of GOAT
– Rodin : It’s time to end the debate. Jordan v. Lebron on his own terms…

The global interest in Aaron Gordon is darker. In Brooklyn, persecution has been talked about in recent years, but it is probably controversial today. That makes sense in Portland, although Gordon’s favorite NBA twitter for C.J. McCallum has never been seriously discussed, according to some sources. Can Portland get Gordon out without giving up McCollum? Does Zack Collins work with Nikola Vuchevich, Mo Bamba and Jonathan Isaac? What about Anfernee Simon’s?

Isaac could miss the season because of a knee injury. Is Orlando less inclined to transfer Gordon or Vuchevich for that reason? Does the franchise have enough guts to stop?

– Reports that Boston researched trade in the first three cycles – 14, 26 and 30 – to move up the ladder are correct according to sources, but that’s not surprising. Teams with so many bricks are investigating everything; even Boston has tried using bricks to get a solid veteran, according to some sources. Few of these veterans are concerned that almost the entire competition is trying to win in the future.

That’s why throughout the competition – besides the famous names of Oklahoma City (Paul, Gallinari and Dennis Schroeder) – we often hear the name Larry Nance Jr. According to some sources Schroeder has received a lot of interest.

– As Bobby Marks and I discussed in the Low Post last week, there’s smoke near Gordon Hayward; Hayward has a $34 million option for next season. It’s too much to give up. Boston thinks Hayward is very valuable. The Celts are also facing a luxury fiscal crisis as soon as Jason Tatum signs his maximum extension. A modest decision, and then moving to a free agency, can be more comfortable than a scenario of elections and trade that yields higher wages in the long run. Will Hayward come out and sign one of the teams in the cap room – almost all bad?

Playing with levers can be fun. Look at this podcast.

– I’d bet against any team exchanging picnics for money (and the symbolic second required round) in the first round – which hasn’t happened since Denver swapped the picnics Gobert became in 2013 – but given the economic uncertainty, I’d expect some teams to try to swap those picnics for roughly equivalent ones in the future at the end of the first round. There will be a few second rounds, sold for cash.

Conductors for 30 teams: Free agents | Future designs

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