In recent years, the Atlanta Hawks have formed a strong and promising young core for this project. But now that their young machine guns had blossomed, they knew they had to be surrounded by a few veterans to try and throw them over the hump.

The Hawks’ office promised Trey Young that they would help him somehow, and we can say with certainty that so far they have fulfilled their task by improving protection with Onekah Okongwu, Chris Dunn and the Rondo District, and by adding some major disease threats to Danilo Gallinari and Bogdan Bogdanovic.

With these impressive additions, Atlanta looks like a play-off team for the 2020-21 season. And even though it will be some time before they become legitimate challengers, this low season has certainly been a big step in the right direction. We inform you here about their start programme for the next campaign:

The bank: Rajon Rondo, Brandon Goodwin, Kevin Herter, Chris Dunn, Skylar Mays, De’Ander Hunter, Tony Snell, Solomon Hill, Danilo Gallinari, Sky Labissier, Onika Okongwoo, Bruno Fernando, Nathan Knight…

Protectors: Juvenile bowl Credit : Getty Pictures

Trey Young is already one of the deadliest bombers in the league, and he barely scratches the surface of his potential. He is an elite player who will benefit greatly from Rondo’s mentorship in terms of better ball handling and as a defender, although he will never be a real stopper.

Youngsters are the basic element of this franchise and will benefit greatly from being surrounded by other players who can play both defense and attack. This allows him to do some damage to the ball and take a step forward in the game. He’s ready for another groundbreaking campaign.

Gunner: Bogdan Bogdanovich Credit : AP

The Atlanta Falcons had to pay Bogdan Bogdanovich a little too much to keep him away from the kings of Sacramento, but it was definitely worth it. Bogdanovic is a universal striker, one of the smartest players you can meet on the field.

Although Markevych is not a very strong defender, he defends well and has a high basketball IQ to distinguish between opposing teams in real time. His constant dynamism gives Trey Young a lot of room for his infinite reach.

Middle front: Red Cam

Most insiders believe the Hawks will look to Cam Reddish as their small opening artery, at least early in the season. However, it is not yet known if at some point he will take enough minutes to shoot off the bench with Danilo Gallinari.

There’s no denying Cam Reddish’s extraordinary athletics. If he had improved his terrible efficiency as a striker, he would have had the means to become one of the most promising players in the league in two-way traffic. Although it’s unlikely he’ll get a lot of blows in an attack.

Propulsive power: John Collins (on peach tree tires)

People are sleeping on John Collins, and it’s a blatant mistake. This young man has proven that he can shoot at great heights at both ends of the field and he continues to improve himself as an archer.

Collins is strong, athletic and very experienced. He needs to control his body even better if he takes a quick break to avoid an offensive offense, but he has the air upside down. It can also be used as a center for the small ball of the team or even be placed in the first three places if the team needs a larger size.

Centre: Capella Clint

Clint Capela was unable to prepare for the Atlanta Hawks after being traded to the Houston Rockets, but is expected to make a full recovery by the start of the season, which is great news for Trey Young as he is one of the top wheelers and rollerbladers in the league.

Capela’s attack is limited to say the least, but he has already proven what he is capable of when he witnessed the torture of Chris Paul and was on the run with James Harden. Moreover, their length and physical presence will undoubtedly do wonders, given the insufficient protection of the falcons.


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