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On Friday, the NBA released the first half of its regular schedule as it continues to adapt to the new reality affected by the current Covid 19 pandemic.

Instead of what normally happens – the NBA has announced its full 82-player roster – the league has introduced only half of its 72-player regular season, which starts January 22. In December, the season begins with the State Golden Warriors visiting the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers who play the reigning champions Los Angeles Lakers until December 4. March, when the league takes a six-day break for the All-Stars.

Earlier, the NBA had announced that the second half of the schedule would be announced shortly before the end of the first half to allow greater flexibility to deal with the inevitable complications of trying to spend a season outside the safety of the bubble, which is the case when the league played at the Walt Disney World Resort outside Orlando, Florida earlier this year.

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Although half of the game plan is still unknown, many of the games take place in the tents. In addition to the national television competitions on the first three days of the programme (22, 23 and 25 December), several other tent competitions are planned, including Durant and the networks, which will take place on 13 December. In February, Durant travels to the Golden State, where he will play as a freebooter for the first time since his departure, as well as several meetings between the Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards, who swapped the cast of Russell Westbrook and John Wall last week. The witches will be here on the 26th. January in Houston to play the Rocketts; the Rocketts will play on the 15th. February for the return trip.

Two days later, the Rocketts will have another meeting as they travel down Route 95 to meet Philadelphia 76 and former Houston Basketball Society president Daryl Morey.

Jrue Holiday also returns to New Orleans for the first time when he and Bax meet in New Orleans on December 29th. January to get there after Milwaukee Holiday bought into the blockbuster business last month.

Another important day on the agenda is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, consists of three main games: Chris Paul and Sun for rising star Jar Morant and Memphis Grizzly; the Milwaukee Bucks go to Brooklyn to just play; and the Warriors against the Lakers in Los Angeles.

Later this week the Lakers travel to Milwaukee to meet Bax.

As usual, the NBA is commuting the games after the Super Bowl, which is scheduled for the 7th Super Bowl. February is scheduled, has been postponed. Within two weeks, in addition to the games mentioned above, the following games will be played:

– Milwaukee to Denver on the 8th. February.

– New Orleans to Dallas on the 12th. February.

– Lakers in Denver on the 14th. February.

– Brooklyn for the Lakers 18. February.

– Miami for the Lakers in the NBA rematch from the age of 20. February.

In the first half of the season, the 30 NBA teams play 37 or 38 games, including 17 to 20 home games. Of the 1080 games scheduled for this regular season, 558 are currently on the program.

In another attempt to combat the virus, the league has introduced a series of baseball games where teams play against each other twice in a row in the same city. Only teams playing in the same conference take part in these matches. The teams play an average of four of these series in the first half of the season – two houses and two on the street.

Teams also play more consecutive away games with teams in the same common geographical area than in the past, and the league reports that the number of away games with individual teams is about half the number.

However, the league will continue to play its usual 30 games per team against its opponents (home and away games against all 15 teams), with the teams still 4-6 games to finish their games on time. Each team must also play several sets in a row.

Because the calendar is half full, some dates for which fans have waited in turn in their calendar are still unknown. Two of these include a number of important games for the coming season: The Boston Celtics with Gordon Hayward and Charlotte Horns and Doc Rivers with his new team, the 76ers, against his old team, the Clippers.

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