Jesse Nelson

Jesse Nelson takes a long break from Little Mix for medical reasons (Photo: WireImage)

Little Mix fans showed their support for Jesse Nelson when she took a long break from the band.

Jesse is not taking part in the Little Mix engagement because she is on leave for medical reasons.

Previously, the singer had missed the MTV Europe Music Awards and the finals of the talent show Little Mix, together with fellow band mates Lage-Anne Pinnock, Perry Edwards and Jade Triwall: Research.

When the news was announced, fans of the girl band sent messages of support on social networks with a letter: I hope she knows how much she’s loved.

Jesse Nelson deserves peace, and others have said another while a tweet said: Anything I want is good for Jesse Nelson. She’s been through a lot. I hope she’s okay.

A report said… When you read this, you will realize that there is a human soul that loves and supports you so much. What you’re going through, please stay strong and healthy.

Small mix

Jesse and his band members Lage-Anne Pinnock, Jade Triwall and Perry Edwards (Photo: Getty)

2020 sucks, but 2021 is the best year for all of us.

Another fan-tweeter: I love you so much, Jesse! Everybody’s thinking about you. Take care of yourself and get better fast! I send you so much love and happiness!

Love Island leader and star Tyne-Elexie Clarkson said I really appreciate Jesse Nelson staying strong and leaving the group for a while, with his mental health first. Come on, girl.

I miss Jesse. I hope she’s okay and knows how much she’s loved. @Merge

– Debbie / Folklore (@Harveysgirl04) 17. November 2020.

I really appreciate Jesse Nelson staying strong and leaving the group for a while, with his mental health at the forefront. Come on, girl.

– Tynexy (@tynelexyclarson) 18. November 2020

I hope Jesse Nelson’s okay. She’s been through so much.

– Will Manning (@itswillmanning) 17. November 2020

I love Little Mix and Jesse Nelson. To send so much love…

– wap rem x (@jackremmington) 17. November 2020

I hope Jesse Nelson’s okay and she needs some time to herself.

– Neil Robson (@queenneyonce1) 18. November 2020.

Jesse Nelson, your life has changed mine, you inspire many lives, do what you have to do, but get up! We’re waiting for your beautiful voice. Thanks for everything. I love you. I love you. It’s a bit of a mix.

– The blender’s official report is on the 18th. November 2020.

Jesse Nelson is so strong and loves him so much. I hope this temporary interruption of the little shuffle will help him in any way possible.

– lea ¹á’° á’ â¡âs niall (@leatpwkx) 18. November 2020

I hope Jesse Nelson’s okay. It’ll take as long as you need. We love you.

– eddie | stream confetti ð (@aosquakez) 18. november 2020

Twitter from the Kiss FM UK account: We salute Jesse when the British channel MTV has posted the hashtag #WeLoveYouJesy.

Metropolitan FM anchor Will Manning tweeted: I hope Jesse Nelson’s okay. She’s been through so much.

Head of state Jack Remmington said I like Little Mix and Jesse Nelson. So much love to steer.

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A representative of the band Salut said that Jesse had extended his free time at Little Mix for private medical reasons.

We will not make any further comments at this time and ask the media to respect confidentiality.

A 29-year-old girl should be in the news herself.

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