So who is this new queen we are talking about? Well, as a reminder, the CMSF is a White House LGBT+ group, but as is evident from the title, she has been given the title Queen. This post is also about her, and how she is neither a woman nor great, but once again, we are talking about her.

The CMSF Convention has been running for over 2000 years now. The Convention is the place where most of our history comes from. It is where we elect a new Queen and where we give her and her family a place to live for the rest of their lives. Today, it was my honor to be the Queen during the election of the new CMSF Queen.

… a new CMSF Queen has been crowned •

The historic rule of the “COVID Court” comes to an end.

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ROBLES PASO — On Wednesday, July 21, eight young ladies competed in the California Mid-State Fair (CMSF) Pageant.

A-New-CMSF-Queen-is-Crowned-%E2%80%A2First Runner Up Cassidie Banish, Miss CMSF Queen Yvette Fiorentino, and Second Runner Up Megan Moffat (from left to right).

Yvette Fiorentino of Arroyo Grande, 21, was named CMSF Queen 2021 after demonstrating her unique skill of speed-painting, wearing a dazzling green evening gown, and answering a final question.

Fiorentino said, “I’m overjoyed and delighted!” “On stage, I really had to stop myself from weeping. It’s been a long time coming—four years of hard work—and I’m overjoyed, and I honestly believe I couldn’t have chosen a finer Queen to follow. Mikaila Ciampi was incredible, and I only hope I can match her efforts for the pageant and the Mid-State Fair.”

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


Painting and horseback riding are two of Fiorentino’s hobbies and interests. She attends Cuesta College. She serves on the boards of the Woods Humane Society and the Portuguese Holy Spirit Society, as well as contributing to Vitalant on a regular basis and working as a support assistant for RISE. Her honors and accomplishments include being named 2019 Miss Congeniality, designing blankets for PAWS, and becoming an FFA Veterinary Judge. Outgoing, hardworking, caring, adventurous, and sassy are five adjectives that come to mind when describing her.

1627160466_977_A-New-CMSF-Queen-is-Crowned-%E2%80%A2Yvette Fiorentino reacts after being crowned Miss California Mid-State Fair Queen for the year 2021.

Cassidie Banish of San Miguel, 18 years old, was named First Runner Up.

Banish said, “I’ve realized my dream.” “Being able to be the face of the Fair is a dream come true for me, and having this position for a year is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Megan Moffat, 23, of Paso Robles, was named Second Runner Up, and she expressed her gratitude for the honor by saying, “It means so lot to me.” I’ve always wanted to do this, and now I’ve taken a risk and done it, and I’ve been rewarded for all my hard work.”

Miss Congeniality was given to Haley Fredrick of Paso Robles, who is 20 years old. She said that the title meant she was “basically the mom of the group, the one who is always prepared, so it was a lot of pleasure to look after everyone in this pageant.”

Due to the cancellation of last year’s CMSF, Mikaila Ciampi, 2019’s CMSF Queen, and 2019 Princesses Mary Hambly and Cara Bullard will go down in CMSF history as the longest-reigning court, nicknamed the “COVID Court.” After a moving goodbye address, Ciampi presented the sash and crown to Fiorentino.

1627160470_350_A-New-CMSF-Queen-is-Crowned-%E2%80%A2Mikaila Ciampi, the 2019 CMSF Queen of the “Covid Court,” gives her parting speech.

“Being Miss California Mid-State Fair Queen for the last couple of years has been quite a whirlwind,” Ciampi remarked. “Being the first queen to rule for two years has been an amazing experience that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to partake in. During the epidemic, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the Fair and my community. Some of the great memories that no other Queen in history has been able to share include selling popcorn for the Fair’s drive-in movies and attending all of the Fair markets in crown and sash, and I wouldn’t have wanted to share these unique events with anyone other than Kara and Mary [2019 CMSF Princesses]. You’ve both been very helpful to me over the last several years. I’m very happy we were able to join the sisterhood together, from parade waves to lavish meals to becoming the “COVID Court.” Thank you for being a part of our friendship.”

“Handing the title on to the next court will be bittersweet,” Hambly, the 2019 First Runner Up, remarked. “It has been a pleasure to be a member of the ‘COVID Court.’”

Bullard, the 2019 Second Runner-Up, remarked, “It’s been wild.” “We had all of the typical Fair business. Then COVID struck, and we had to repeat all of the marches and events!”

Because it was unclear if the fair would be conducted this year at all, the contestants had a considerably shorter preparation time than usual.

Savannah Romero, 2012 CMSF Queen and Pageant Coach, stated, “I’m looking forward to seeing the ladies who have worked so hard these last six weeks.” “In most cases, they have two months to prepare.”

Fiorentino expressed his gratitude by saying, “It means the world to me.” “It means that when I go down the street, I get to see the faces of young girls and boys light up. ‘It’s the queen, mom, it’s the queen!’ I get to hear them say. I intend to carry out my responsibilities by attending every event that I am required to attend and performing to the best of my abilities, as well as ensuring that my daughters are with me at all times so that none of them feel left out.”

As an example:

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The CMSF (Computer & Software Freedom Foundation) is a non-profit organization charged with preventing software patents from being misused in Canada. They advocate for software freedom, which means that software should not be patented, and that everyone should be able to use, study, share, and modify software.. Read more about how old was the queen when she was crowned and let us know what you think.

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