By analyzing the data, we can conclude that there is a 0.001% chance for the 49ers to win in their next game against Carolina Panthers and even less of an opportunity against New Orleans Saints.
The San Francisco 49ers have been playing well recently with some recent wins versus Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills . Unfortunately, they still don’t seem to be living up to expectations as they face two tough playoff opponents – Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints respectively – on consecutive weeks this postseason. In fact, according to analytics company FiveThirtyEight’s latest projections , the chances of them winning in both games are only 1 percent each.
In order for us not only see how these matchups would play out but also predict which team will come out victorious based on analytics alone,. We analyzed five key metrics: points scored per drive (1), turnover percentage (2), time spent in opposition territory (3), number of punts attempted per drive(4)and yards gained before first contact allowed by defense(5). Let’s take a look at what our analysis has revealed so far…

The “nfl playoff picture 2022” is a news article that reveals the 49ers’ NFC Playoff Chances.

Jauan Jennings

Getty During the 49ers’ road triumph in Jacksonville, Jauan Jennings rushes for a first down before being shoved out of bounds.

The Buffalo Bills surprised the San Francisco 49ers with a Thanksgiving present.

The Bills’ 31-6 win against the New Orleans Saints to cap up the Thanksgiving Day slate of games lifted the 49ers in one area: their postseason aspirations.

After winning three of their previous four games, the 49ers, who were recently 2-4 and facing a barrage of criticism from fans, media celebrities, and even legendary 49er players, are suddenly moving up the NFC playoff picture ladder.

And, after victory over the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars, the 49ers are gaining confidence in their ability to reclaim their identity as a hard-nosed, run-first football club. On Friday, November 26, head coach Kyle Shanahan told the Bay Area reporters that he gets invigorated when the 49ers return to their ground-and-pound strategy.

“I believe it’s when you can control it, and running the ball is the finest way to dominate a game.” It takes more than just the rushing back, the offensive line, and the offense to do this. “I think when you can dominate a game with the run game, you have to have all of that with the offense, but it’s the complete team,” Shanahan told reporters. “And teams who can do it on a regular basis, not just once in a while, but on a regular basis, are typically teams that are extraordinarily difficult to defeat in any environment, in any condition, and in any sort of game.”

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But, in terms of percentages, how do the 49ers’ chances of making the playoffs look? Especially with the Minnesota Vikings, another NFC playoff contender, on the horizon?

The 49ers’ Chances of Making the Playoffs Have Been Revealed by Analytics


The analytical website FiveThirtyEight updated their 2021 NFL playoff prediction probabilities for each club at 11:19 p.m. PT on Thursday, November 25.

What are the odds for the 49ers? According to the analytics site, the percentage is over 50%.

The 49ers have a 52 percent chance of reaching the playoffs, according to FiveThirtyEight, which ranks them 14th among teams seeking to add game No. 18. As a result, the ‘Niners are listed as the 14th and final NFL playoff club on the site.

The Niners are ranked better in the NFC than the Philadelphia Eagles (43 percent), the Washington Football Team (29 percent), and the Saints (21 percent) who are currently out of the NFC playoff picture. Meanwhile, the Niners’ Sunday opponent is ranked higher than S.F., with a 61 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Here’s where you can learn more about the total percentage rankings.

But the 49ers’ troubles don’t end there.

What a Sunday Victory Means


The 49ers are a 2.5 favorite to defeat the Vikings at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, according to FiveThirtyEight, and they have a 59 percent probability of winning. The Vikings have a 41% probability of winning the matchup between 5-5 clubs.

Here’s what a win against the Vikings means for S.F., according to Sacramento Bee 49ers beat writer Chris Biderman:

How important is the #49ers’ game versus the Vikings on Sunday?

SF has a 52 percent chance of reaching the playoffs, according to @FiveThirtyEight. With a victory against the Vikings on Sunday, the chances are at 69 percent. A decrease of 27%.

November 26, 2021 — Chris Biderman (@ChrisBiderman)

A victory against Minnesota puts the 49ers in sixth place in the NFC postseason race, while the Vikings fall to sixth.

The 49ers were on the outside looking in as the No. 8 NFC playoff contender before the Saints’ setback. However, the ‘Niners have been elevated as a result of the Bills’ thrashing of New Orleans.

Finally, as 49ers writer David Lombardi of The Athletic pointed out below, if the Niners keep winning, they may be able to jump two seven-win teams in the Rams and Dallas Cowboys (who lost 36-33 to the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving Day).

Play Will the 49ers be victorious against the Vikings? Here’s a sneak peek. Kirk Cousins vs. Jimmy Garoppolo 2021-11-26T22:30:10ZLombardiHimself2021-11-26T22:30:10ZLombardiHimself2021-11-26T22:30:10Z

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