Northern Ireland fans in the stands at Windsor Park A crowd of 1,060 fans watched the game of Northern Ireland against Slovakia in the Euro 2020 final earlier this month.

When the four-week blockade in England on the 2nd. By the end of December, up to 4,000 fans will be able to participate in open-air events in the least risky areas.

Up to 2,000 people are allowed in level 2 areas, but none in level 3 areas.

The interior of the first and second rows can accommodate up to 1000 spectators, while the capacity of the interior and exterior spaces is limited to 50%.

Organized sports at a basic level can be reopened, and gymnasiums and recreation centres can be reopened at all levels.

During the national blockade the top sports continued behind closed doors, but from the 5th year of the national blockade mass and amateur sports were no longer allowed to be practiced. November.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new government measures and restrictions for Covid-19 in England on Monday via a video link to the House of Commons.

Information on the areas where the levels are expected to be published on Thursday.

On the first and second rows, viewers can resume sporting and commercial events inside and outside with restrictions on bandwidth and social distance, Johnson said.

Later this week, based on an analysis of cases in all age groups, especially those over 60, we will announce areas where a certain level is falling – hopefully on Thursday.

In addition, account will have to be taken of the percentage of the increase or decrease in cases, the percentage of the local population having the Kovid tested, and the current and expected pressure on the NHS.

Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden said… It’s a big step forward for the sport.

Bringing the sport back to basics was my first priority, so I am happy that we are reopening the sport and the gyms at all levels in awareness of the significant health benefits.

I am also pleased that we were able to deploy the hubs faster than planned, taking a cautious approach and starting with the least risky areas.

I’m sure the sport will do everything it can to ensure the safety of the supporters and that they will do their part and take care of each other until we can bring everyone back safe and sound.

We missed ourfans.

Football in the top four of English leagues has been played behind closed doors since his return in June after his first suspension for coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said he was looking forward to the prospect of the return of supporters in small numbers, but that he was looking forward to working with the government to raise that number to a higher level and put an end to the work of clubs suffering financial losses.

He went on to say: Our priority remains to coordinate with the DCMS and the Roadmap group Sport Technology and Innovation for pilot events that will help our clubs rapidly increase their capacity.

Burnley manager Sean Diche said Monday’s announcement was the starting point.

Even though it is a limited number, it brings back the feeling and connection, said Dice for his team home Premier League match against Crystal Palace.

It is to be hoped that it will be introduced soon afterwards. We missed our fans.

The English Football League (EFL) is considering postponing some of its games until next week to take advantage of this plan.

The FEL has a full fixture calendar with matches in the first and second divisions, which are played from 1 to 2. The month of December takes place.

No decision has been made yet, but any first- or second-line club that has requested a transfer from Tuesday to Wednesday is likely to receive a positive response if there is no conflict with the transfer conditions.

Fans have always believed that football should be treated in the same way as other sectors, according to a statement from the Football Fans Association.

We welcome today’s announcement, which indeed suggests that this will be the case, and we look forward to further details.

For many inferior and illegal clubs in particular, the safe access of fans to the stadiums is an absolute prerequisite for survival in a very difficult season.

Clubs, leagues and the safety services of the sports fields have worked hard to make the stadiums safe and we hope that this is the first step towards a return to normal life.

Grassroots sport can take place in all areas, but the Department of Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport Affairs (DCMS) has stated that at level 3 areas certain restrictions will apply to activities with the highest risk.

His statement was added: Non-elite viewers can attend the events according to Covid-secure guidelines for each level.

Home sports can be resumed, but because of the higher risk of coronavirus transmission indoors, the DCMS indicates that there will be restrictions on certain activities, depending on the level of preparedness of the local population.


Dan Roan, sports editor.

This revival of the sport, both in terms of the long-awaited return of the fans and in terms of leisure, is an important and encouraging milestone.

The second phase of government sport has had disastrous consequences for the population: Tens of thousands of clubs, gyms, swimming pools and workplaces were at risk, activity levels declined, the physical and mental health of the participants was damaged and physical activity was seen as the most important factor in the country’s recovery.

The return of popular sport will be celebrated by many, especially after it was not named as a direct beneficiary in last week’s £300 million television rescue programme.

But frustration persists and gyms are disappointed that group activities are limited in some areas, disproportionately affecting women for whom exercise is particularly important. Other requests have also been made to the public authorities to provide more financial support to the municipal sports sector.

Similarly, for large parts of the country located in high-risk areas, it is not clear how many football or rugby clubs will be in the front line and can take on up to 4,000 fans.

For many big clubs, who firmly believe that they should have a third of their territory full at the beginning of last month, this will not be a great consolation in the light of an unprecedented financial crisis, and they will want this figure to rise rapidly. In fact, some clubs said they would lose money if they only opened their halls to 2,000-4,000 fans.

There are also concerns about equity if only certain teams can reopen the tourniquets.

But eight months after the fans were last seen at regular sporting events in England, there was at least some hope and a possible road to recovery.

DCMS rules for indoor sports

  • Sports competitions may be held in first level facilities in accordance with Rule 6. For example, people from different households can play three-on-three volleyball, or four people from different households can play double tennis or badminton.
  • Group activities such as training and physical education can be carried out in larger numbers, provided that people are in separate groups (up to six people) that are not mixed.
  • On the second level, indoor sports can be done in households and people can participate in group activities such as physical exercise, provided there is no mixing between households.
  • Individuals may participate in certain sports where there is no close communication or physical contact with a person in another household, such as playing tennis privately.
  • At level three, indoor sports will be limited to your home and may not include group activities such as exercise.

What was the reaction?

According to Tim Hollingsworth, CEO of Sport England, it is a great honour that so many organisations and individuals have worked so hard to prove how safe their operations and buildings are and to say so clearly what they are doing to reduce risks.

Since the first, there is now a clear understanding of the vital benefits of sport and activity, not only for your physical well-being, but also what is important for maintaining your mental health.

In the early winter months it is more important than ever to have a number of safe options available.

In a joint statement by certain equestrian authorities it was stated that although he has been a member of the team since 1 January, he is no longer allowed to participate in horse racing. June had been working behind closed doors, but the tests showed no sign of Covid-19 transmission.

We know that the number of seats is initially limited and not all seats will be allowed for spectators, but this is a step forward, said Nick Rust, Executive Director of the British Equestrian Authority.

I am sure that all of our runners will follow the government’s health guidelines when they return to the race and this will allow us to increase the number of participants.

Prime Minister Rugby CEO Darren Childs said: We won’t know the exact impact on our clubs until the levels are announced on Thursday, so my team is willing to work with the government to tackle the problems of fan emergence in a way that minimises health risks.

Keeping the competition intact was my top priority during the pandemic, and now we have a basis on which to develop the game and build long-term financial stability.

Prior to the announcement, Tottenham Hotspur Premier League club president Daniel Levy said that preparations had been made for the return of the fans.

First League clubs, as in a number of other countries, are quite capable of organizing outdoor events with social distance, exemplary hygienic standards, qualified stewards, testing facilities and various travel plans, and work in some of the most technologically advanced locations in the world, Levy said.

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