In a recent interview with the Irish Independent, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch stated that she was receiving tons of requests from fans asking if she would be fighting Bianca Belair at WrestleMania, and the answer was a resounding “No!”

In a recent video interview with Sky News, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch talked about being a bad guy, being a bad girl, being a bad guy, and trying to be a good guy.

The WWE superstar Becky Lynch was recently asked about her bad guy status by Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour” and she wasn’t having it. “I’ve always been a good guy,” she said. “I don’t know what everyone is talking about.”. Read more about becky lynch and let us know what you think.



The Person After last week’s no. 1 challenger battle involving Zelina Vega, Carmella, Live Morgan, and Bianca Belair, it was Belair who stood tall as the next contender. Lynch grabbed the microphone after seeing the whole event unfold on camera and addressed her adversary and the audience. Lynch smiled as she took in the throng for a few moments before saying “The Man has finally made his way to Jacksonville! Now, when I returned as your SmackDown Women’s Champion last week, I went down this exact ring… no, you don’t deserve it chants, but alright “, and then she grinned as she received a few more.

“That’s exactly what I’m referring about! I should have arrived last week. And I was talking about my SummerSlam win when I was stopped by almost the whole SmackDown Women’s locker room, which I understand because everyone wants to rub shoulders with big-time Becks. Bianca is an incredible athlete, maybe the most athletic woman we’ve ever had in WWE, and she’s the only woman, apart from myself, to have won the WrestleMania main event “Lynch said.

The #SmackDown photo was provided to us by @WWE @BiancaBelairWWE at EST.

September 4, 2021 — WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX)

“So, as you know, I was ecstatic to face her at SummerSlam, but after all of this, I’m being painted as the evil guy, so bear with me, ESTer. At SummerSlam, my comeback salvaged your match. When Sasha Banks was eliminated at SummerSlam, the powers that be dubbed her “The Man’s Biggest Name.” “Lynch said. She went on to say that the match was rushed, but that it wasn’t her fault.

“That’s not my fault, and you have no right to complain that I defeated you too quickly and you weren’t prepared. Just because I haven’t played in a while doesn’t mean I haven’t figured out how to win “Lynch said. She then went on to speak about Belair’s outstanding abilities and position as EST. “But we both know that’s a lie, because you may deceive some people with your flips and kicks, but you can’t fool experience, which is why it only took one punch to the face to put an end to your championship reign.”

Belair made an appearance and received a lot of love from the crowd, which included EST chants, and she stated “That Championship, Becky, meant a lot more to me than simply a championship. For 132 days, it was a part of me, and it cemented my place in the WrestleMania history books. So let’s have a conversation about it. I had achieved so much and then I squandered it all in 26 seconds. That’s exactly what I did. And you know what? I’m not afraid to say I was humiliated because I was. But I’m not going to build myself up by tearing down another woman, and I’m not going to make excuses for myself. You’re talking about me as if you know who I am, but you don’t.”

She went on to explain why she is the WWE’s EST. She then said that she earned her championship shot just like everyone else, and that Roman is defending his title tonight, challenging her to do the same.

Lynch paused for a moment before denying Belair once again, stating she doesn’t care what Roman does. She said “on my time” as she walked away, so Belair will have to wait a bit longer for that match. Extreme Rules seems to be becoming a more popular venue for that fight.

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