America wants to prioritize climate change because it ignored the issue for four years, even after the 2015 Paris agreement. VOA News reports that President Joe Biden recognizes the importance of controlling climate change and wants to hold a world summit on the issue. This single factor causes climatic disturbances ranging from droughts and floods to sea level rise. They destroy the environment, upset the ecological balance and cause great suffering to the people who lose their habitat, as well as to other living things. They have to start their lives over.

The White House plans to set greenhouse gas emission targets for 2030 before the 22-23 summit. April to change. A representative of the Washington-based environmental research and advocacy group said the summit will be an opportunity to show the world that America takes the problem seriously.

Other countries want America to take the first step on climate change

It is a fact that temperatures are rising worldwide. This is reflected in an increase in droughts and forest fires, but also in the melting of glaciers and the destruction of icebergs. According to VOA News, China is waiting to see what kind of action the United States has in mind. Other small countries should follow China’s example. They want America to lead the way.

The 2020s may determine the future, experts say. Scientists attribute rising temperatures to various climate disruptions. They also note that temperature increases have accelerated since the 1980s. US President-elect Joe Biden has indicated that climate change is a priority for him.

Combating climate change is an opportunity for job creation

The Biden administration believes that combating climate change can create new jobs. This could include areas related to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Another area could be electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as electric vehicles will replace fossil fuel vehicles.

They produce greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Finding alternatives can make homes and buildings more efficient. Addressing the threat of climate change can lead to an expensive infrastructure plan and job creation. In America, Congress needs to clarify this plan, and Republicans may not be on the same frequency as Democrats. Shortly after taking office, President Joe Biden issued an executive order on climate change.

Britain needs to take action to tackle climate change

According to Sky News, the UK is also taking climate change seriously. Number 10 describes this as the biggest challenge we face. Their delegate is on his way to Japan to ask for support for the climate summit of heads of state and government.

US President Joe Biden will host this virtual summit. Boris Johnson wants to convince other world leaders not to give up the fight against global warming. The COP26 climate summit will take place in Glasgow, UK in November. It recognises the importance of achieving a net carbon footprint of zero by the middle of the century. As the British delegate said: The climate crisis is the biggest problem we face and it is our duty to solve it. The need of the hour is the restoration of green spaces and the world needs to invest in new technologies and create jobs. The 2015 Paris climate agreement agreed to keep global warming at a certain level. America, the UK, Japan and the EU are the main carbon producing countries.

They agreed to control carbon emissions to reach net zero by 2050. China is another major carbon producer and is expected to reach net zero production by 2060.

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