The NHL has decided to place a ban on hockey betting. The Canadian government recently implemented legislation that prohibits all sports betting in the country, but Canada is one of few countries without legal online gambling. How will this affect fans’ interest in wagering and how might it impact public opinion surrounding other sporting events?

The “hockey betting today” is a topic that is very popular in the news. There are many different topics that can be found on hockey betting, but it’s important to remember that not all bets are created equal.

Hockey betting

On Saturday night, Washington Capitals winger Garnet Hathaway scored an empty-net goal to seal the team’s victory against the Columbus Blue Jackets. It did, however, continue one of the NHL’s hottest betting trends.

The Jackets’ Eric Robinson had scored earlier in the period, thus Hathaway’s goal put the third-period total above 1.5 goals. That was the 11th game in a row in which the Capitals went over the total in the third period, dating back to November 14.

This season, the Capitals have won 16 of their 23 games in the third period. In Washington’s games this season, 51 goals have been scored in the third period, including three empty-net goals by Alex Ovechkin.

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Chalk it up to ESPN.

The New Jersey Devils (18 out of 22 games), Edmonton Oilers (18 out of 23 games), Colorado Avalanche (17 out of 22 games), Boston Bruins (16 out of 21 games), and Seattle Kraken (18 out of 24 games) are the teams with the most games ending in the third period, according to analyst Chris Otto.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Hurricanes (11 of 23 games) and San Jose Sharks (12 of 25 games) are the only NHL clubs with games ending in the third period fewer than half of the time.

In the third period, which team has the lowest average total goals? The Dallas Stars (1.71) are in first place, but the New York Islanders (1.85) aren’t far behind.

Just something to think about if you’re thinking about making any in-game bets or period-specific prop bets.

Experts’ Opinion (Q&A)

Todd Cordell began his career at an early age. He would gather quarters in the laundry room as a 10-year-old in Canada for $2 Proline parlay bets that his father would place for him at the corner shop. “I probably shouldn’t have,” he said, “but it was only two bucks.”

Cordell got his start in the business as a daily fantasy writer for Elite Fantasy before transitioning to the NHL beat. He was a member of a group hockey wagering conversation with Alex Moretto, The Score’s managing editor, and subsequently became a hockey betting analyst there. His daily player prop bets are essential reading. Todd was recently interviewed about props and how to improve hockey betting.

Prop bets on players seem to be a logical progression from daily fantasy work.

CORDELL: Without a doubt. It’s similar to what I’d look at while putting up a DFS lineup. High-volume shooters, for example, might get incentives for five shots on goal and other such achievements. It I’m constantly on the lookout for guys that can either face a bad defense that gives up a lot of shots or shoot a lot and do so efficiently.

Your goal prop shots are arguably your most well-known. I like those wagers, although they may be aggravating at times. After two weeks of a shooting bender, I had Seattle’s Jaden Schwartz and the over against Tampa Bay the other day, and he put up one against them. Are you the kind to investigate what went wrong if a bet doesn’t pan out?


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CORDELL: I’ll get so wrapped up in their trending stats that I’ll overlook the matchup and end up getting burnt. One thing about Seattle is that they play quite slowly, being at the bottom in terms of shots for and shots against per 60 minutes. In their games, there are no shots. As a result, if the pace is slower, this kind of occurrence is more likely to occur. Then there’s a team like the Devils, who are shooting machines, putting up and taking away loads of shots.

How important is speed in your work? In comparison to, say, the NBA, I believe we don’t speak about it enough in hockey betting.

CORDELL: For the previous ten games, I’ve kept an Excel spreadsheet that compares the efforts they’re making with the attempts they’re thwarting. Something having predetermined objectives and the like. If a club only gives up 25 shots every night, it’s far less probable that they’ll produce enough opportunities to earn you that type of wager. Goals are the same way. It doesn’t matter if the goaltender they’re facing stinks if you’re betting on the over; if a club only generates 24 shots every night, scoring three or four goals will be difficult. Pace is crucial, particularly if both sides play at a high level. For that reason, Florida is one of my favorite teams this season. Especially if they are behind schedule.

The Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres just discovered this the hard way.

CORDELL: When Florida comes down, I’m like, “Oh baby, I’m getting on all these props because they’re going nuclear.”

Do you have any favorite players to bet on? Is there someone you steer clear of?

CORDELL: This season, I’ve become a big fan of [Dallas Stars player] Roope Hintz. His most recent home game was the first in which he did not go over on shots. Since joining Minnesota’s top line, Ryan Hartman has gone nuclear. But I don’t simply consider the players; I also consider the possibilities. Cale Makar was definitely going to play more for Colorado while Bowen Byrum and Sam Girard were sidelined. With Nathan MacKinnon out, Makar had more opportunities on the power play because he took a billion shots every game. As a result of the injury, I rode him for around seven games in a row. I steer clear of ineffective shooters. I’ll keep an eye on who is removed off the power play. Some players, like as Jeff Skinner, will have six shots one game and then not receive a shot the following. He’s either much too high or way too low. He’s already burnt me a couple of times.

What is your favorite hockey wager?

CORDELL: I would have suggested money lines before this year, but props have such an advantage. It’s not a market that many people consider. For example, if you’re going to the pub with your buddies and they want to bet on the game, they’re not going to say things like “oh, I wonder what Trevor Zegras’ shot total will be today.” [Laughs] There isn’t a lot of action on the lines and sharp money since it isn’t a large market. A money line must be obtained first thing in the morning or it will be unavailable, while a shot prop line may be obtained as late as 6 p.m.

What is a hockey sucker bet?

CORDELL: Parlays that are connected. Many individuals like doing same-game parlays because they pay substantially if they are successful. However, many individuals will wager on Connor McDavid scoring over 1.5 points and then a goalkeeper making over X number of saves. However, if McDavid scores two or three goals in the first period, the goaltender may be withdrawn or have a reduced probability of making saves. Many individuals, I believe, are unaware of this.

Finally, what would make betting on hockey more enjoyable?

MORE MARKETS, CORDELL: You may aim for receiving yards, rushing yards, longest play… there are so many alternatives in football. However, in hockey, you may choose a game and see [prop] lines for up to four players. People like having choices. And there aren’t enough of them in hockey. For example, if you bet a receiver to get 60 yards and he gets 59 yards in the first quarter, some bookies may change the line to see whether he can achieve more than 99 yards. If McDavid scores two goals and you want to wager on a hat trick, there are no adjustments for individual props. You won’t be able to participate in the fun if you arrive late.

Trick or fad?

Take a look at some of the most recent betting trends to see whether they’ll stick around.

The Colorado Avalanche have won the Stanley Cup.

The Avalanche have gone 14-5-2 against the total this season, with the over hitting 71.4 percent of the time. That includes a 6-5 defeat to the Ottawa Senators on Dec. 4, which was just the Avalanche’s second game with a total of 6.5 goals or greater this season. The Avalanche had a league-high 7.15 total goals in regulation per game through 20 games. In their previous 13 games, they’ve gone 10-2-1 against the spread.

Conclusion: This is a trend.

Puck line for the New York Islanders

The Islanders are currently on a losing streak, having lost ten games in a row. This season, they’ve gone 7-13-0 on the ice, including 1-10 in their past 11 games. Much of this is due to the fact that, despite being at the bottom of their division, the Islanders have been the favorite in 11 of their 20 games, and that they have the league’s second-worst scoring squad this season (1.90 goals per game).

Conclusion: This is a trend.

Andrei Vasilevskiy is the favorite to win the Vezina.

The Tampa Bay Lightning netminder is still favored (+550) to win the league’s top goaltender award, which is decided by the league’s general managers. He has outstanding statistics and was runner-up for the title previous season. However, his claim to be the front-runner is bogus for two reasons. First, goaltenders like Jack Campbell (+1200) of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Igor Shesterkin (+900) of the New York Rangers, Jacob Markstrom (+1400) of the Calgary Flames, and Tristan Jarry (+3000) of the Pittsburgh Penguins have all had stronger seasons than him. Second, only two goalies have received the Vezina Trophy after winning the Stanley Cup the previous season: Billy Smith of the Islanders in 1981-82, the first year the award was presented, and Martin Brodeur of the Devils in 2003-04.

Final Verdict:

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The “hockey betting scandal” is an ongoing scandal in the NHL. It has been alleged that a number of teams have been fixing hockey games for personal gain. The allegations started with a series of posts on Reddit by user “sick_silk”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does +1.5 mean in hockey betting?

A: In hockey, a goal scored by the home team will add 1.5 goals to their total score which makes it 2.0, and vice versa for when theyre on the road. This is because this sport does not use decimal points in comparison with other sports such as soccer or rugby where theres no way of calculating an exact score so the +1.5 symbolizes that if you bet $100 on a game then your losing margin would be $150 instead of -$200

How do you bet on the NHL?

A: You can bet on a team by clicking the hockey puck icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you want to make your own pick, then go ahead and do it!

What does mean hockey betting?

A: Hockey Betting is the process of predicting which team will win a game or series. You bet money on one or more teams, and if you guess correctly, your investment pays off.

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