A few days ago, the suicide squad—a team of security experts who work with the CIA—announced that they had begun working on a new program to create a “cybersecurity” program for the government. They appear to have picked up where the infamous “kill switch” program left off, and this time they’re taking a different approach. Rather than building a program that could shut down our entire internet infrastructure, the suicide squad says that they are building a program that will be completely invisible, and is designed to make us think that the internet is working the way it always has, while leaving the real problems unaddressed.

In March 2017, the Suicide Squad made another announcement: They were going to be making a movie about one of the most bizarre and horrifying stories in American history. Many assumed the Suicide Squad would follow the typical path of making a movie like Monster Squad and Batman and Robin with several cameos from famous actors. But, this project is different. It will be a blockbuster blockbuster that will rewrite the history of the Suicide Squad movie, and possibly American history, with a single project. And as you read this, that project is about to begin.

This week, the National Security Agency (NSA) released a collection of documents containing information from Project Starfish, a program that monitors the internet traffic of select countries and secretly provides the NSA with high-level access to the communications passed through those countries. The Starfish program was set up under the Bush Administration, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to monitor terrorists’ communications. The program was eventually shut down, and the NSA was unable to fully explain its purpose. This week, the NSA revealed that it resumed Project Starfish operations in 2014, and that the program is being used to secretly monitor foreign governments, including China, Iran, and Russia. The NSA also noted that the program is being used to monitor the web activity of



Task Force X is dispatched to Corto Maltese in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad to deal with “Project Starfish” in a former Nazi facility called Jotunheim, which teasers for the film indicate has a link to a gigantic starfish kaiju named Starro. The truth behind “Project Starfish,” what Task Force X’s mission was actually about, and what Starro has to do with it has finally been exposed with the release of The Suicide Squad. Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

Warning: This section contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now! You have been forewarned.

In the film, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) sends Bloodsport’s (Idris Elba) team to Corto Maltese, telling them that their target is the former Nazi base known as Jotunheim, a site where Project Starfish is being carried out, posing a threat to US safety now that the Herera family, which ruled Corto Maltese and was non-aggressive towards the US, has been deposed. With Project Starfish allegedly alien in nature and posing a significant danger to the United States and the rest of the globe now that the new governing government is anti-American, Waller wants the team to enter Jotunheim and eliminate all traces of the project.

When it comes to Project Starfish, though, there’s a lot more to the tale. A gigantic, starfish-like extraterrestrial called Starro the Conquerer is at the heart of Project Starfish, and it turns out that Waller wants all traces of it erased since the US is intimately engaged. After being found by astronauts, the extraterrestrial was transported to Earth by the American government. The US has been covertly financing research on an extraterrestrial that can control people by attaching tiny copies of itself, called spores, to their faces and feeding off of them, thus turning them into extensions of itself. The Thinker has been conducting terrible experiments with Starro at Jotunheim for the last three decades, with the Herrera family transferring political dissidents and opponents, including men, women, and children, to the facility.

Waller wants the whole project, including the documents, erased because of the United States’ participation in Project Starfish. Peacemaker (John Cena) is even assigned a secondary assignment to guarantee that the documents are destroyed first and foremost in order to hide American participation. That twist causes things to spiral out of control, with Peacemaker assassinating Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) when Flag chooses to save the data and reveal the government’s activities. Starro is accidentally freed as well, and he quickly assaults the soldiers and others on Corto Maltese, proclaiming the city theirs. In the end, however, Bloodsport obtains the evidence drive and uses it as blackmail against Waller to ensure Task Force X’s release, and Starro is killed by Harley Quinn and Ratcatcher 2’s army of rats (with the help of King Shark), though before it dies, the creature tells Ratcatcher 2 via one of its victims that it was happy simply floating in space staring at the stars, reminding everyone that it was happy simply floating in space staring at the stars, reminding everyone that

The Suicide Squad is now available to see in cinemas and on HBO Max.

We all love comic book movies, and it’s no surprise that the Suicide Squad film has been met with great reviews. One of the most unique aspects to the movie has been the virtual reality experience built around the film, which utilizes augmented reality to blend real world elements into a comic book world.. Read more about starro dc suicide squad and let us know what you think.

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