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When you’re trying to get people to take a second look at your product, there’s not many methods you can avail of. There’s no better way to gain the attention of the public than to have someone famous endorse it. A perfect example is the recent deal that Jonathan Ross’s daughter Honey has done with Lena Dunham, where the latter has stripped naked for the former’s new clothing line.

Honey Kinney and Lena Dunham are the queens of body positivity (Photo: Instagram/Rex).

Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey posed nude next to Lena Dunham in a body positive photo.

The 24-year-old figure improvement activist and podcast host talked about how she admired the Girls’ creator over the years, and what they had in common was that they were plump, Jewish beauties.

I will never be able to fully express how much this woman has shaped the way I feel, but I will do my best to try, Honey wrote in a long caption to the post.

My mom bought me a DVD of Tiny Furniture when I was a chubby, self-hating teenager, and I saw Lena’s pretty face on the cover and got my hopes up. A new hope I had never felt before.

I saw the movie and was very moved by the honesty, the way it deals with sex, friendship and that borderline area where you haven’t found your way yet. And I cried because I had never seen someone like me – a beautiful, chubby Jewish girl – become the star of the show.

And not just the star, but the writer, director and singer. When the movie Girls came out a few years later, I gained new confidence in my approach. Lena was the lead actress, and maybe that could have been me. I saw myself as a viable love interest for the first time. I saw myself more alive than the picture before.

Honey said Lena’s on-screen beauty helped her see such things in herself and expressed her gratitude to the actress.

Her first meeting after all these years proved to me that not everything they say about meeting heroes is true, she continued.

Lena expressed her love for Milochka (Photo: Instagram)

And when we met for the second time, we took the picture you see above. If you want to know the whole story, you should listen to this week’s podcast. I am very grateful to him for agreeing to participate in this podcast. She is and will always be a woman who has an incredibly special place in my heart. Also, we both have the same body and the same type of arthritis, so if that’s not a feature, I don’t know what is.

Cutie with her parents Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman (Photo: Getty)

Last year, Honey revealed that the same people who write nasty comments about her health and weight come into her DMs to ask her out.

After her performance at Loose Women, she told her followers: I’m not kidding, someone says I’m going to die of heart disease in my comments and invites me into my DMs. You couldn’t have written it.

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She added: People in my comments are looking to discuss my training program, diet and lifestyle (which they know nothing about) 1. Listen to my podcast The Body Protest 2. Why do you want me to explain myself to you, a stranger? ?????.

I’m not going to give in to you and your weird, insulting fat phobia.

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