Lewis Hamilton has revealed he wants to be remembered for changing people’s lives after retiring from Formula 1 rather than winning titles. The Briton said the change will ensure his legacy lasts forever, compared to someone who achieves success without making an impact on society..

Lewis Hamilton has said that he wants to be remembered for his work rather than winning titles. He is one of the most popular drivers in Formula One and is currently racing for Mercedes. Read more in detail here: f1 news.

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) — Lewis Hamilton wants to leave a legacy that isn’t defined by his racing prowess or his numerous Formula One world titles.

This year, the Mercedes driver is aiming a record-breaking eighth championship, and he already has the most victories and pole positions in the sport’s history.

But, rather than being remembered as F1’s most successful driver when he quits, Hamilton wants to leave a lasting legacy.

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“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it,” Hamilton responded when asked by ESPN’s Nicole Briscoe what he wants to be known for. But I’m hoping that people would say things like, “Oh, is that the person who assisted those kids?” or “Is that the guy who stood up on behalf of a group of people and brought it to their attention?” That’s how I’d want to be remembered.

“It’s almost as if a race driver isn’t considered a human being, but we are. However, I don’t want to be known only for my racing. I’d want to be known for something more human.”

Hamilton has utilized his position in Formula One and on social media in recent years to raise awareness about topics such as social justice, the environment, and F1’s own lack of diversity. Hamilton aims to effect change by utilizing his on-track accomplishments to raise attention to issues dear to his heart.

“We’ve got this incredible platform — sport, after all, has a massive global audience, right?” It shouldn’t simply be for fun, particularly when we’re visiting locations where we can make a good difference.

“It’s not about seeing all of these places and then leaving trash behind.” We need to go to these locations and leave a legacy that is affecting the community there in some way. On the one hand, that’s something I’m discussing with the sport.

“And, to return to inclusion, what I’m focusing on now is building a better pipeline.” So, after five or 10 years, you’ll see that people watching television are getting greater representation.

“There should be no boundaries just because of your origins. It needs to be more open. That’s pretty much my only motivation right now.”

Hamilton invested £20 million of his own money to launch Mission44, a new charity dedicated to assisting individuals from under-represented backgrounds, in July of this year. Part of the charity’s mission is to increase diversity in racing, and Hamilton believes that a mix of action and words will result in long-term change.

“‘Why am I the only Black driver to break through [in Formula One]?’ I’ve been thinking for years. It can’t simply be for the sake of being at the front; there has to be a deeper purpose for it, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.” I was glad for it, because it’s vital to live in gratitude, but [I wondered] what more could I do with it? I’m not sure what I’m expected to do with this.

“I believe that there is no higher pleasure than assisting others… for me, it is much bigger than victories and other accolades. This [F1] is fantastic, but I want to work on something that has a real effect and helps people.”

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