Hakeem Zieh summer arrival Hakeem Zieh came to Chelsea from Ajax for £33.3m.

Hakim Ziech scored his first Premier League goal when Chelsea beat impotent Burnley on Turf Moor.

The draw, which starts in the first league for the Blues, insults Bernleine’s goalkeeper Nick Pope and divides the dismissal of Tammy Abraham sovereign after 26 minutes.

Defender Kurt Zuma doubled his lead immediately after the hour point and climbed to the highest point to return to the corner of Mount Mason.

In the summer Zieh arrived, and seven minutes later he became a supplier by crawling into the shoes of Timo Werner, who was standing in front of the upcoming pope.

Chelsea rose to fourth place, while Burnley stayed in 18th place, while Ashley Barnes missed one of the rare moments in the opening minutes.

Kurt Zuma and Mason Mount of Chelsea celebrate Chelsea now has four white sheets in a row for all events

Perfectly balanced side lighting

Chelsea ended their aimless draw on Wednesday with a 4-0 UEFA Champions League victory at Krasnodar.

And their attackers came back with the title Abraham who forced the Pope into the rescued routine just before the discovery of Ziehus.

After firing blanks in the first three shows in Chelsea, former Ajax winger Zieh has now scored two of the two goals. The 27-year-old striker continues to sharpen, score and help, while Chelsea’s new attack continues to shine.

Six important signatures of summer visitors – Kai Havertz, Ben Chilwell, Edward Mendi, Thiago Silva, Zieh and Werner – appeared for the first time after Werner replaced Christian Pulisic, who had been hit by warming up.

And after overtaking the second half of Burnley’s pressure, Zouma and Werner’s targets sent the host and hostess to a Chilwell cross on the plain to score offside flags.

The blues, which this season is often criticized for looking like a leading heavyweight, is rarely threatened from behind. Barnes’ first chance is the only time the fourth white leaf in a row looks questionable.

HelpHow to play

Use of 10 players during or after the game. The last whistle sounds 30 minutes after the last whistle.

Depreciation area key1 = enter10 = pure perfection


  1. Plough number 1Popup name
  2. Team number 2 Player nameLowton
  3. Team number28Player name
  4. Team number 5 Player nameTarkovsky
  5. Team number 3 Player name Taylor
  6. Team number 8This player’s name is Brownhill.
  7. Team number18 Player nameVestud
  8. Team number16 Player nameStephan
  9. Team number11 Player nameMcNeil
  10. Name of the player on team number 9.
  11. Team number10 Player nameBarnes
  12. Team number12 Name of playerBasu
  13. Team number19 Player nameRodriguez


  1. Team number16 Name of the playerMendi
  2. Team number24 Player name James
  3. Team number15 Name of playerZouma
  4. Team number6Name of the player of Tiago Silva
  5. Team number 21 Player name Chilwell
  6. Team number29 Player nameeHavertz
  7. Team number 7 Player nameEdge
  8. Team number 19 Name of playerMoft.
  9. Team number 22 player nameZijeć
  10. Team number9 Player name Abraham
  11. Team number11 Name of playerWerner
  12. Team number5Player’s name Yorginho
  13. Team number18Girod player game
  14. Player number 20 of the team is Hudson-Odoi.



  • 1Dad
  • 2Lowton
  • 28LongBookable at 49Min
  • 5Tarkovsky
  • 3Taylor
  • 8Brown Hill
  • 18 Western Woods
  • 16 Stephans-Rodrigesat converted to Rodrigesat 45′ minutes
  • 11McNeil
  • 9Houten
  • 10BarnesSwitched by 73′ minutes


  • 12Brada
  • 15Pacock Farrell
  • 19Rodriguez
  • 27Vidra
  • 33 Thompson
  • 34Dunna
  • 38 Richardson


  • 16Mendi
  • 24 James
  • 15Zuma
  • 6Tyago Silva
  • 21Chiliwell
  • 29HavertzReplaced by jorginyoate 86’min.
  • 7Sludge
  • 19Mount
  • 22TargetSubstituted by Hudson-Odoat 73 minutes
  • 9AbrahamReplaced by Hirudat 77′ minutes
  • 11 Werner


  • 2Men
  • 5 Jorginho
  • 13Caballero
  • 18Gyrude
  • 20Hudson-One
  • 28Azpilikueta
  • 40Ziger

Real-time text

  1. Game over, Burnley 0, Chelsea 3.
  2. The other half’s ready, Burnley 0, Chelsea 3.
  3. I missed a shot. Matthew Lawton (Burnley) shot high with his right foot out of the penalty area and wide to the left.
  4. Mason Mount (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  5. Kevin Long (Bernley) wins with a penalty in the defensive half.
  6. Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  7. James Tarkowski (Burnley) swings in a free kick on defense.
  8. Handball of Giorgiño (Chelsea).
  9. Attempted rescue. Chelsea’s Thiago Silva’s header was stopped in the middle of the pitch. Supported by Mason Mount with a cross.
  10. Corner, Chelsea. Kevin Long’s dealer.
  11. The attempt is blocked. N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea) is suspended with a shot in the left leg from outside the penalty area. With the support of Callum Hudson-Odoi.
  12. Substitution, Chelsea. Jorginho replaces Kai Havertz.
  13. N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  14. Chris Wood (Burnley) gets a free kick in the defensive half.
  15. Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  16. Dwight McNeil (Burnley) hits a free kick to the right wing.
  17. Corner, Burnley. Concession to Thiago Silva.
  18. Offside, Chelsea. Ben Chilwell tries to hit the ball, but Olivier Giraud is blocked in the offside position.
  19. Chelsea’s Timo Werner’s free kick was saved in the attacking half.
  20. Josh Brownhill (Burnley) is punished after he has committed an offence.

Round foot - noise

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