The board of directors of the NBA and the players’ association will meet separately on Thursday, 22 and 23 May. December will end with an agreement on the start of the 2020-21 season and a reduced schedule of 72 games, sources told ESPN.

The National Basketball Association plans to hold an official vote of the team’s players’ representatives at the end of Thursday, and sources told ESPN that they will agree on a start to the season for Christmas. The NBPA is holding team conferences this week, including some on Wednesday, where they will discuss in detail with the league the deposit of player salaries close to 18 percent for the next two years, sources told ESPN.

According to some sources, the representatives of the group should accept the agreement.

The league and the players are still negotiating the number of conditional deposits, according to some sources.

  • Player reps expected to approve Dec. 22 start to NBA season
  • Player reps expected to approve Dec. 22 start to NBA season

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the board of directors expect official recognition on 22 December, and both parties expect this to happen this week, according to sources.

Organizations and players rush to the beginning of the season, including NBA 18. November project, free agencies and training camps to hold on 1. December, according to some sources. Once the agreement is reached, the League will lift the moratorium and reopen the pre-project market.

The competition estimates that the beginning of the 22nd. The month of December, including the Christmas games on television and the completion of programming for 72 games for the Summer Olympics in mid-July, represents, according to some sources, between $500 million and $1 billion in revenue for the league and the players in the short and long term.

The NBA and NBPA discussed a significant increase in deposits withheld from players’ salaries to explain the serious loss of league income during the Covid 19 pandemic. The games try to spread the players’ losses over several seasons, so that the players don’t get such a big financial blow in one year.

The NBA has extended the deadline until Friday, leaving the possibility of cancelling the collective agreement, effectively breaking the financial structure of the league, which allows for a 50/50 distribution of basketball revenues according to the rules of the CBA. As the pandemic caused a force majeure situation in the CBA, both parties have the possibility to send a notice of termination of the agreement within 45 days, depending on the source.

The league recently informed the teams that 40% of basketball revenue could be lost this season without paying for the goal, according to sources. According to the data provided to the teams and received by ESPN, NBA basketball revenues dropped $1.5 billion last season.

Most NBA cities are still unable to hold public meetings for more than 500 people. The NBA plans to start the season without fans in the arenas – with little certainty that they will be able to return at any time early in the season as the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the country.

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